Breaking: HP drops TouchPad prices by $50 till September 10th

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HP TouchPad price dropped by $50
Dreaming about that HP TouchPad after being convinced that things will be better in the near future? Well good news! HP has JUST announced a $50 price drop for both 16 GB and 32 GB WiFi TouchPad models, which brings them down to $449 and $549 respectively… the offer is effective from now till September 10th. Still no word on any official pricing on the ‘connected’ AT&T 4G TouchPad though (though we’ve guessed […]

Analysis and Thoughts

Ideas for HP’s future monitors and displays

By Brad Jul 25 2011 2 Comments

Ideas for future HP monitors
Being the proud new owner of a used HP ZR24W business monitor and having seen the peaked interest in the recent months about¬†HP’s (future) monitors from reader emails, there are a couple of ideas I’d like to list down for my ideal ‘next’ monitor, hopefully from HP (since I do like their no-nonsense mostly all black with some silvery accents industrial designs)

HD webcam: This is probably the number one most wanted feature for HP’s business monitors […]

HP EliteBook 8560w Mobile Workstation user review at

HP EliteBook 8560w Mobile Workstation user review at

By Brad Jul 22 2011 4 Comments

HP EliteBook 8560w Mobile Workstation
Since the folks at HP’s public relations representative firm cite a limited of review units for laptops (Hmm… and not enough to get even one to us apparently), there’s not much of a choice but to let you readers somehow know how those latest Pavilions and EliteBooks perform… by linking to user reviews. I choose to handpick user reviews because they provide a lot more concise and in-depth (as well as honest and knowledgeable) look […]

Rumor: HP to make Ultrabooks before September
Rumor Mill

Rumor: HP to make Ultrabooks before September

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Digitimes, a reliable Asian news source for upcoming products based on outsourcing of companies to Chinese manufacturers, has reported today that HP is planning “two or more” Ultrabooks (Intel’s fancy speak for super-thin notebooks; think the Apple MacBook Air), with these new low-voltage Sandy Bridge processors announced two weeks ago, for a launch ahead of Asus’ 11.6 and 13 inch UX21 Ultrabooks debut in September.
That’s a pretty hasty move right there, and frankly quite unexpected. […]


HP and AT&T announce TouchPad 4G

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HP Touchpad 4G
The duo which have already worked together on getting that HP Veer 4G out, HP and AT&T are back at it again. They’ve just announced the TouchPad 4G today! The HP TouchPad 4G is the ‘connected version’ of the HP TouchPad we first heard news about last month.
The changes you’ll find on the TouchPad 4G include:

Connectivity to AT&T’s HSPA+ “4G” network (no actual LTE 4G sadly)
32 GB version only, at the moment (regular TouchPad comes in […]


AMD shows off Radeon 6990M on YouTube

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Remember this thing from last night’s announcement? You know, world’s fastest mobile graphics card? At least for the time being… AMD has just posted a video of their Radeon 6990M featuring the Alienware M18x (or from watching the video, should it be the other way around?).
Well, it’s yet another video with yet another Alienware laptop. Still waiting for the day an Envy appears in one of these kind of videos. Personally, I would sacrifice one of the two hard […]


WebOS updates to improve HP TouchPad performance

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HP TouchPad updates coming
It’s been barely two weeks since the HP TouchPad got released onto market shelves and already HP is talking about improving the user experience of the TouchPad. According to this report by Information Week, which talks to HP’s Jon Rubinstein and Ari Jaaski about WebOS and the TouchPad; there are updates in the pipeline that will eventually roll out (over the air, of course!) to improve the performance and multi-tasking management of […]

Future of gaming and Windows 8: Consoles step aside, PC is back?!

Future of gaming and Windows 8: Consoles step aside, PC is back?!

By Brad Jul 12 2011 add comment

Windows 8
One of our readers from Europe, Vincenzo, has just sent me this interesting article (translated version here, if you’re like me and have an Italian vocabulary that is limited to the words you picked up from Assassin’s Creed!) talking about bits of code in Windows 8 programming that mentions the Xbox 360.
It is mentioned in the article that there are several possibilities, from the next generation Xbox console running as a branch […]

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