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Spotted: Next-gen 2011 HP TouchSmart all-in-one desktop

By Brad Aug 12 2011 add comment

Upcoming 2011 HP TouchSmart (Photo by
Well, it’s no TouchSmart tm2 or tm3 convertible tablet, but tech blog Engadget has gotten a picture (a rather pixelated one at that) of HP’s next TouchSmart all-in-one desktop. It appears that the TouchSmart all-in-one design will be finally get an evolution to something with more metal accents (note the stand at the bottom) as well as sleeker in profile. We haven’t gotten any specific details about HP’s next-generation […]


Breaking: HP drops TouchPad prices by $50 till September 10th

By Brad Jul 30 2011 add comment

HP TouchPad price dropped by $50
Dreaming about that HP TouchPad after being convinced that things will be better in the near future? Well good news! HP has JUST announced a $50 price drop for both 16 GB and 32 GB WiFi TouchPad models, which brings them down to $449 and $549 respectively… the offer is effective from now till September 10th. Still no word on any official pricing on the ‘connected’ AT&T 4G TouchPad though (though we’ve guessed […]

Interesting, Spotted

Spotted: HP shows off style in simplicity in 2011 EliteBook brochure

By Brad Jul 4 2011 add comment

Screenshot of a page from HP's latest EliteBook brochure
Looks like HP is even incorporating their ‘simple but professional’ attire from their notebooks into their brochures too. At least that’s what the design/layout of this new PDF file showing off the features of HP’s EliteBook business laptops tells us. While the brochure doesn’t tell HP-obsessed folks like me any new things we don’t already know, it certainly presents some interesting facts and eye-opening features which might convince some […]


HP TouchPad pre-orders start June 19, to ship on July 1

By Brad Jun 9 2011 add comment

HP TouchPad
The word is out, the HP TouchPad Web OS tablet will be making its debut beginning July 1st in the US and through some parts of Europe (UK, Ireland, France and Germany) and Canada within July, although you can start pre-ordering the HP TouchPad from June 19 onwards at prices of $499 and $599 for the 16 GB and 32 GB variants respectively.
HP has also mentioned they’re going to do a ‘phased roll-out’ of the TouchPad […]

Analysis and Thoughts

2012: Year of the 14 inch notebook

By Brad May 31 2011 4 Comments

What's the future of HP's laptops with Ivy Bridge?
Following Intel’s announcement that everything on notebooks will be ultra-low voltage beginning from their Ivy Bridge processors and their keynote this morning at Computex predicting ‘Ultrabooks’ (a creative new term coined by Intel for ultra-portable laptops with low power consumption) will fill about 40% of the market with Ivy Bridge powered, less than 0.8 inch thick, sub-$1000 laptop models by the end of next year, we’re looking at the possibility of […]


HP announces 2011 Pavilion series desktops and 23 inch x2301 Micro Thin display

By Brad May 16 2011 add comment

New 2011 HP Pavilion series desktops
HP has just announced three new Pavilion series consumer desktops today: The compact Pavilion Slimline S5, regular-sized Pavilion p7 and more powerful Pavilion HPE h8. They all feature Beats Audio and Sandy Bridge Intel processors of all sorts. With price tags starting at $330 (s5), $300 (p7) and $600 (h8) respectively, these guys are a lot more affordable (but certainly less powerful) than HP’s Z210 series workstations released last month. They should be available […]


HP updates Pavilion dv4, Mini 210 and Envy 14 for 2011

By Brad May 9 2011 2 Comments

HP has just announced three new consumer-level notebooks: An all new HP Pavilion dv4 laptop, HP Mini 210 netbook (updated for 2011) and evolved Envy 14 with Intel Sandy Bridge processors.
New 2011 HP Pavilion dv4
First off we have the HP Pavilion dv4 (Note the “v” in the name; don’t confuse it with the HP Pavilion dm4 series) which acts as a more affordable alternative to the recently announced (last week), slightly more upscale Pavilion dm4x. It sports a plastic […]


Meet the HP ProBook 5330m: MacBook Air killer and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 fighter?

By Brad May 9 2011 3 Comments

HP ProBook 5330m: when a ProBook goes on a diet and dresses up like a pricier EliteBook
Not wanting to be one-upped and left out by Lenovo and their rumored ThinkPad X1 ultra-thin laptop, HP has busted out the doors with their new ProBook 5330m ultra-thin business laptop. The ProBook 5330m appears to have a slight costume malfunction in the identity-crisis sense of the word as it carries HP’s ‘ProBook’ branding while at the same time, sports a design similar to […]

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