Microsoft Surface Pro tablet confirmed to ship in January 2013 starting at $899

By Brad Nov 30 2012 2 Comments

…and we’re back. Microsoft executive Panos Panay announced this week at their much-anticipated Surface Pro tablet will launch in January 2013. The Core i5 (Ivy Bridge) powered 10.6 inch tablet that is the Surface Pro will sport 4 GB of RAM, a nice Full HD touchscreen display, dual 720p HD cameras (front and back) and Intel Integrated Graphics 4000.
The tablet will come in two flavors: a 64 GB version which will go for $899 and a more capacious 128 […]


Windows 8 officially available on October 26, 2012

By Brad Jul 18 2012 add comment

Microsoft Windows 8 logo
Eying for the release of the final, retail version of Windows 8? Good news, Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky has just announced the availability date of Windows 8: October 26th, 2012. That’s 3 months and a week away from today. In addition to being able to purchase a new copy of Windows 8 for fresh installations, Microsoft also has an upgrade period between Windows 8 launch and January 31st of 2013 where existing Windows XP, Windows Vista and […]

Analysis and Thoughts

HP EliteBook 8770w first impressions and versus EliteBook 8740w

By Brad Jul 2 2012 2 Comments

HP EliteBook 8770w (left) vs EliteBook 8740w (right) thickness
I recently got a chance to have a brief hands-on with the new HP EliteBook 8770w Mobile Workstation. It’s basically identical to the 2011’s EliteBook 8760w on the outside with refresh processor and graphics card options on the inside. This isn’t something that EliteBook 8760w owners would immediately upgrade to, unless you’re really rich or going to have your company purchase it for you. The performance jump is very slight and battery […]


Intel Ivy Bridge HD 4000 graphics: The run-flat tires of my gaming PC

By Brad Jun 17 2012 1 Comment

PC Gaming using Intel Ivy Bridge integrated graphics: Looking pretty good!
Some of you may know that I recently built my own desktop machine (today is actually the 1 month anniversary of building it) but I don’t blame you if you didn’t know that, I haven’t quite posted pictures and talked about it yet. When mentioning building this new PC, along with other things, last month, I also spoke of moving. Turns out things didn’t really work […]

News updates front page with a splash of Metro

By Brad Jun 12 2012 add comment website front page’s front page has been skipping back and forth this week between their black ‘gloss’ design and this new somewhat Metro-inspired look seen above. Seems like HP might be doing some further spring cleaning of their website design ahead of summer and the rumored October launch of Windows 8 by Microsoft. We’ve been keeping up with HP’s gradual redesign and reshaping of their site, which has been happening more frequently in the past 2 years, and […]

HP profits drop 31% in Q2, announces 27,000 job cuts

HP profits drop 31% in Q2, announces 27,000 job cuts

By Brad May 23 2012 add comment

In some less delightful news, HP just announced today a 31% drop in profit in Q2 to $1.6 billion, with a revenue of $30.7 billion which is down 3% year over year. Most of this is caused by performance of HP’s enterprise, services and printer groups (so do they still want to make that new unannounced Envy printer or are they hoping it will help boost profits?).
In a worrying trend that’s been around since the days of Mark Hurd […]

Breaking news: $135 off HP Folio 13 for the next 2 hours only

Breaking news: $135 off HP Folio 13 for the next 2 hours only

By Brad May 14 2012 add comment

HP Folio 13 Ultrabook
Looking for a great ultrabook? How about the HP Folio 13, a great 13.3 inch slim notebook (it measures just 0.7 inches and makes a great alternative to the MacBook Air)? We’ve just spotted a special offer which knocks $135 off the HP Folio 13’s price… bringing this 128 GB  Core i5 model down to just $734 for the next 2 HOURS ONLY!! Grab it now. Stocks are limited too and as of now, […]


HP updates ultra-portable EliteBook laptops; EliteBook 2770p tablet still missing

By Brad May 11 2012 3 Comments

2012 HP EliteBook 2170p
If you’ve been keeping up with the news this week, HP has practically updated every single notebook they have. There’s a lot more happening on the consumer side with the launch of brand new Envy models and tweaked Pavilion models while on the business side, we’re mainly seeing ProBook models with slightly improved designs and selection of new processors. The EliteBook models are HP’s flagship top-notch laptops and they too have not undergone significant changes design-wise. […]

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