HP EliteBook: dismantled to dry

By Brad Apr 27 2011 add comment

Drying out my HP EliteBook after being half-drowned in lots of water
I found a photo I posted in one of my Facebook wall photo albums: a picture to go along with yesterday’s story about the drowning of my EliteBook 2530p. I basically undid the keyboard and top touch-sensitive panel above it, as well as the left display hinge and left side of the display bezel, which I held up by sticking a pencil in between, and had two stand […]


Apparently quite water resistant too

By Brad Apr 26 2011 1 Comment

EliteBook after shading my head from the rain
I’m a big time user of my HP EliteBook 2530p ultra-portable notebook. With its footprint not much bigger than a standard letter sized document, it goes almost everywhere with me. The last time I showed you how easily it managed to survive being crushed under 175 lbs of me, and in general, survives the rough and tumble events of life in its daily usage.
Disclaimer: I’m not endorsing the act of drowning your […]

Rumor Mill

Breaking: HP EliteBook 2560p and 2760p exposed by HP in their full glory

By Brad Apr 23 2011 8 Comments

HP's mood today: Apparently not too happy with EliteBook news on the internet
Update (April 26): Well, I kinda saw this coming after HP China wrote to me about this article and I’ve removed this post too to work with HP as smoothly as possible. Well… [sigh] I guess being the biggest fansite/tech site that’s dedicated to appreciating HP and its products automatically puts us high on their radar!
Update (May 9): HP has officially unveiled the EliteBook 2560p and […]

Post removed

Post removed

By Brad Apr 22 2011 4 Comments

Update (April 26): The folks from HP China aren’t very delighted about the news that their website posted a listing of a certain model of the EliteBook 2560p with its price and have requested we remove the content of this post.
…although they might want to consider writing to Google and Bing too about this… just a thought!
Update (May 9): The HP EliteBook 2560p has been officially unveiled by HP. Check it out!


HP sneaks out 3105m and 630 business notebooks

By Brad Apr 20 2011 add comment

HP 3105m super entry-level "business notebook"
In one of their more low profile moves (and for a good reason too!), HP has quietly added two new models to the “Essential business notebook PC” range, which is the most basic form of HP business notebooks you’ll find after their ProBook series. The plain-named HP 3105m and HP 630 models are essentially clones of their consumer counterparts, the HP Pavilion dm1z and HP G6t notebooks. The HP 3105m is a […]

HP Z210 CMT and Z210 SFF entry-level workstations announced

HP Z210 CMT and Z210 SFF entry-level workstations announced

By Brad Apr 18 2011 1 Comment

Full-fledged HP Z210 Convertible Mini Tower (CMT)
While we’re all excited about HP’s new Mobile Workstation notebooks, let’s also not forget their new workstation models released alongside those new EliteBooks. They may share the same model number but the new HP Z210 workstations from yesterday are in fact two different beasts. The Z210 Convertible Mini Tower (or CMT for short) is a full-sized workstation model while the Z210 SFF (Small Form Factor), as the name suggests, is a significantly smaller and […]


HP Veer launch party to be held in Los Angeles and you’re not invited

By Brad Apr 17 2011 add comment

HP Veer closed-door launch party to be held in May
Looks like the tiny phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard from HP, the WebOS-running HP Veer, might be available for purchase soon. The folks at PreCentral have discovered an invitation page to a launch party in L.A. for the HP Veer. Unfortunately for the WebOS obsessed and any remaining loyalists from the iPAQ era, this closed door party, to be held two weeks from […]

Interesting, News

HP EliteBook 8560w has a CFast (Compact Flash) card slot!

By Brad Apr 15 2011 2 Comments

CFast slot on the HP EliteBook 8560w
I’ve looked over the EliteBook press photos before and I remember seeing something interesting, but we got too caught up in covering their release in the news that I almost forgot all about it.  So here’s the scoop: there’s this slot on the front of the newly released EliteBook 8560w that looks suspiciously like a Compact Flash card slot. And upon close inspection, there’s a line above it that reads “CFast”. This is […]

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