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Analysis: Microsoft releases Kinect for Windows SDK beta

By Brad Jun 16 2011 add comment

Kinect for Windows SDK beta
This is just in: Microsoft has just made available their beta Software Development Kit (SDK) for their Kinect for Windows. With the recent trend of more games that used to be “console only” having sequels that are being developed to include PC (such as Metal Gear Solid Rising in 2012) and game companies we thought would go the “console only” route but didn’t, instead opting to continue to develop titles for PC as well (such […]

HP Pre 3 “Pre”-orders start, due for July 8 launch

HP Pre 3 “Pre”-orders start, due for July 8 launch

By Brad Jun 16 2011 add comment

HP Pre 3 pre-order and release in UK
And finally, we have some word on a price tag and release date of the WebOS running HP Pre 3 smartphone, at least for the Brits. UK retailer “Play” has put up the HP Pre 3 on their website for pre-order at £349.99 (about $560), unlocked and contract-free, which gives us a good idea of the HP Pre 3’s price once it lands in other places such as the […]

HP USB Graphics Adapter Review

HP USB Graphics Adapter Review

By Brad Jun 15 2011 7 Comments

HP USB Graphics Adapter
Ah the HP USB Graphics Adapter… Let me first mention how delighted I am to have found something like this exists. Here’s the thing: I have an HP EliteBook 8740w that I will have to return in the long term and unfortunately for me, and since beggars can’t be choosers, the one I have here has the older generation Nvidia Quadro FX3800M graphics. And as I recently discovered… well, actually I knew it was gonna happen […]

HP updates Pavilion and ProBook models with AMD Llano APUs

HP updates Pavilion and ProBook models with AMD Llano APUs

By Brad Jun 14 2011 1 Comment

The news is out, HP has just announced the addition of AMD’s brand new APUs (a combination of a traditional CPU and graphics processing unit) in some of their existing notebook models.
First a little about AMD Llano chips: they’re made as an answer to Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors. Made using the 32 nm process, they are available in dual and quad core variants that the system can dynamically and automatically scale and overclock when needed, what AMD calls Turbo […]


HP TouchPad pre-orders start June 19, to ship on July 1

By Brad Jun 9 2011 add comment

HP TouchPad
The word is out, the HP TouchPad Web OS tablet will be making its debut beginning July 1st in the US and through some parts of Europe (UK, Ireland, France and Germany) and Canada within July, although you can start pre-ordering the HP TouchPad from June 19 onwards at prices of $499 and $599 for the 16 GB and 32 GB variants respectively.
HP has also mentioned they’re going to do a ‘phased roll-out’ of the TouchPad […]

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A weekend with Dirt 3 and Dreamweaver CS5.5

By Brad Jun 3 2011 3 Comments

Dirt 3!
Playing a new PC game and adding new things to HP Fansite… what a fantastic way to spend an early summer weekend! And next week we’re gonna be talking lots about computers, hardware and touch on a little gaming since E3 2011 is happening for most part of the week…
I’ve already got some things in mind, but I wanna hear your feedback – what’s the one new feature (or ten) you’d like to see on HP Fansite? Shoot […]

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HP EliteBook 2560p vs ProBook 5330m: Cousin against cousin

By Brad Jun 3 2011 6 Comments

ProBook 5330m vs EliteBook 2560p
I’m not sure if anyone else noticed but the release of the HP EliteBook 2560p and ProBook 5330m notebooks has certainly intrigued me, since the latter now is dressed like an EliteBook (not sure if actual build quality is the same though) and the EliteBook 2560p has downshifted to a 16:9 aspect ratio display, has a reshuffled right side of the keyboard that kicks away some important dedicated keys and seems to […]

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