AMD announces Radeon 6990M graphics card, HP take note?

By Brad Jul 11 2011 add comment

AMD Radeon 6990M
AMD has just announced their Radeon 6990M mobile graphics card, which they proudly tout to be the latest fastest mobile GPU in the market at the moment… yup, faster than Nvidia’s flagship GeForce GTX580M. The AMD Mobility Radeon 6990M is a DirectX 11 card that boasts HD 3D support, Eyefinity (of course!) and will come in at least a 2 GB GDDR5 256-bit flavor, with a huge bandwidth pipeline of 115.2 GB/s.
Well, as usual, we’ve all got […]

HP names new WebOS leader

HP names new WebOS leader

By Brad Jul 11 2011 add comment

HP has named Stephen DeWitt, their previous head for their Americas’ Personal Systems Group and now new leader of HP’s WebOS global business unit. He replaces Jon Rubinstein, who will now take the role of Senior VP of Global Innovation for their PSG team.
It will certainly be interesting to see the direction that he takes the WebOS ecosystem after that rumored 7 inch TouchPad variant comes out next month… hopefully we’ll see a true flagship WebOS device (dual core, 4 […]

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard put on sale for just one day!

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard put on sale for just one day!

By Brad Jul 11 2011 add comment

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard on sale!
Now, you have to forgive me and my recent slight obsession with keyboards: I’ve been on the hunt for a good keyboard that rivals the experience of my EliteBook’s built-in keyboard for use at home with the HP ZR24w monitor. I somehow love the EliteBook 2530p’s keyboard so much that I’ve been using it with the monitor… but I would prefer to have a standalone keyboard if I could.
I was looking through my […]


When your laptop’s keyboard is too awesome to let go…

By Brad Jul 11 2011 add comment

HP EliteBook keyboard with HP ZR24w
There’s something about the EliteBook 2530p’s keyboard which makes it an absolutely lovely dream to type on. I’m a fan of ‘keyboard sans number pad’ designs for distraction and clutter-free typing (that’s just me) and somehow the laptop’s built-in keyboard caters to that so well. The keyboard is also nice and firm (unlike other external, dedicated keyboards which rattle as I type at blazing speeds or other laptop keyboards which feel ‘squishy’ and ruins […]

HP Mini Wireless Keyboard review

HP Mini Wireless Keyboard review

By Brad Jul 6 2011 1 Comment

HP Mini Wireless Keyboard
In the crowd of notebook, desktop, WebOS and various announcements of 2010, HP has quietly sneaked out their Mini Wireless Keyboard. The HP Mini Wireless Keyboard is a compact keyboard without a number pad, geared at home theater PC and desktop owners. The direct competitors to the HP Mini Wireless Keyboard which I could find include the Microsoft Arc Keyboard, Verbatim Mini Wireless Slim Keyboard and the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

Interesting, Spotted

Spotted: HP shows off style in simplicity in 2011 EliteBook brochure

By Brad Jul 4 2011 add comment

Screenshot of a page from HP's latest EliteBook brochure
Looks like HP is even incorporating their ‘simple but professional’ attire from their notebooks into their brochures too. At least that’s what the design/layout of this new PDF file showing off the features of HP’s EliteBook business laptops tells us. While the brochure doesn’t tell HP-obsessed folks like me any new things we don’t already know, it certainly presents some interesting facts and eye-opening features which might convince some […]


HP wireless keyboard in the house!

By Brad Jun 29 2011 1 Comment

HP Mini Wireless Keyboard with EliteBook… review coming soon!
The HP Mini Wireless Keyboard: I’ve been using this little thing for awhile now with my EliteBook. It comes in handy a bunch when I hook up my notebook to an external monitor and need something to type on… but sometimes I bring it out for fun since it’s portable and slim enough to be use on the go. More on this home/media center suited keyboard later this week when I […]

Rumor Mill

Rumor: 7 inch HP TouchPad variant in August

By Brad Jun 27 2011 3 Comments

Rumor from Taiwan: 7 inch TouchPad will be latest member of WebOS family in August
Talking about newer stuff shortly after announcing new stuff, isn’t this becoming a trend this year? Not two months ago, Intel began talking about 2012 Ivy Bridge processors barely after the first Sandy Bridge equipped computers started shipping. Now before the 10 inch (well, 9.7 inch to be precise) TouchPad is even out on the street, HP is already planning to woo and tempt […]

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