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HP Fansite is an unofficial fan-made website dedicated to all things Hewlett Packard. The HP Fansite covers all things HP: HP notebooks, desktops, handhelds, mobile phones, tablets, general news (sometimes), you name it – we’re covering it. I also tend to post the occasional write-up on how HP could improve themselves, analysis and thoughts about current (tech-related) happenings and also things about gaming and PC games. Fine, the latter almost doesn’t have anything to do with HP, but I’m personally an enthusiast PC gamer and all games are run and tested on HP computer(s).

The site is run by a guy named Brad (that’s me) who is a big fan of all things HP and apparently just can’t get enough of them. I also happen to be a tech enthusiast, avid fan of fancy electronic devices/gadgets and PC gamer (hey I started young). I’ve been a user of various HP products over the years, and nowadays, I’m even more of a HP fan thanks to the great stuff they’ve been coming out with lately (though I won’t be biased and all “fan-boyish” here, and acknowledge shortcomings, ie the current sad state of their iPAQ line).

Though I can’t list the HP products I’ve tried and tested over the years (because it would be too long, especially if I include equipment borrowed/loaned from friends, acquaintances and people), my current HP gear include:

  • HP Pavilion dv4 first generation (currently eying the Elitebook 8540w, need to gather up the funds…)
  • HP Mini 5101 for traveling, classes, stepping outdoors
  • HP iPAQ Data Messenger (bleh, the old iPAQ hw6915 was better)
  • Special edition HP-branded Microsoft mouse
  • An old but trusty HP black and white printer
  • Miscellaneous HP trinkets

I am neither paid nor employed by HP (I’m also NOT some computer shop owner or retailer): I run the HP Fansite because I genuinely am a fan of their products.

Questions? Comments? Any suggestions? Leave a comment here on the blog or drop me an email!

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