HP Envy 15 Review, No Word Yet on Ivy Bridge Version
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HP Envy 15 Review, No Word Yet on Ivy Bridge Version

By Brad May 11 2012 add comment

The early 2012 (or late 2011, depending on how you look at it) HP Envy 15 continues to be a popular laptop at HP, given it is one of the few HP laptops available with the IPS Panel, BrightView Radiance display upgrade option. You can check out this quick video review produced by Dealzon on the new Envy 15:

While it wasn’t specifically made as a gaming laptop, the well-spec’ed Envy 15 comes with option of Quad Core i7 (Sandy […]


AMD shows off Radeon 6990M on YouTube

By Brad Jul 12 2011 add comment

Remember this thing from last night’s announcement? You know, world’s fastest mobile graphics card? At least for the time being… AMD has just posted a video of their Radeon 6990M featuring the Alienware M18x (or from watching the video, should it be the other way around?).
Well, it’s yet another video with yet another Alienware laptop. Still waiting for the day an Envy appears in one of these kind of videos. Personally, I would sacrifice one of the two hard […]

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Living proof HP EliteBook laptops are durable

By Brad Mar 13 2011 2 Comments

Can your laptop do this?! (But seriously, don't try this at home)
I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time now (and I’ve been providing “live demonstrations” to enthusiastic people whom I know), but today I finally got down to recording a short film boasting the HP EliteBook’s durability.
What did I do? I stood on my EliteBook, literally.
But before we continue, there be a couple of disclaimers: One, this film is in no way endorsed by Hewlett Packard […]

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