Spotted: HP Mobile Workstation laptops hanging out with Obama and team

Spotted: HP Mobile Workstation laptops hanging out with Obama and team

By Brad May 3 2011 1 Comment

I’m not a fan of politics nor would I like to discuss any here on HP Fansite (and hence I won’t be posting any pictures here), but tech enthusiasts cannot help noticing HP products when they appear in photos in the media! In a photo taken of Obama and his team watching a recent news story (photo and coverage can be seen on Gizmodo), we can spot four HP Compaq 8510w (updated: it’s not the 8710w model […]


HP WebOS Keyboard passes FCC; omits Delete key

By Brad Apr 29 2011 add comment

HP WebOS Keyboard (photo by FCC)
A HP wireless keyboard just passed FCC tests this week, what a great Friday night news story to wrap the week up. This HP keyboard has WebOS devices in mind, especially the upcoming HP Touchpad (HP’s direct equivalent competitor to the Apple iPad 2) with its compact design, lack of traditional computer F-function keys on the top row of the keyboard (which the Touchpad and WebOS won’t need anyway) and has a […]


HP Envy 15 appears again in Lady Gaga music video: Telephone with Beyonce

By Brad Mar 12 2010 7 Comments

Today is the premiere day of Lady Gaga’s new music video + mini-drama (is that the word?) combo for her single “Telephone” featuring Beyonce, as you might have already noticed if you saw “Lady Gaga” and “Telephone” popping up as two of Twitter’s top trending topics several hours ago, or around the net. I would’ve posted this earlier had I not been busy completing my review of the HP Elitebook 8440p and another notebook.
And look what we have here… the […]


HP Envy 15 Beats edition featured in Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”

By Brad Dec 31 2009 add comment

HP Envy 15 Beats Edition in Lady Gaga's music video

So I had meant to post this ages ago but due to a combination of Christmas, lots of HP notebook rumors this month and other things that take precedence in terms of priority, I’m only posting this now. Four HP Envy 15 Beats edition notebooks were recently featured in Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance single video.
Camera zooms into two Envy's at 2:45

The Core i7 Mobile packing, ATI Mobility […]


HP Touchsmart featured in Black Eyed Peas video

By Brad May 14 2009 add comment

The Black Eyed Peas recently featured the HP Touchsmart in their latest music video “Boom Boom Pow”. The HP Touchsmart appears three times in the music video – at the very beginning, the end and somewhere in the middle of the video. And not just ANY HP Touchsmart – it’s a HP Touchsmart with a super-sized HP logo!! (and a plus-size screen? Read on for speculation)
Compare that to this closeup taken of a ‘normal’ HP Touchsmart:
Check out the proportions of […]

Mercedes uses HP tablets and servers, and you know it!

Mercedes uses HP tablets and servers, and you know it!

By Brad Nov 16 2008 add comment

Spot the HP logo!
In a not-so-recent promotional video of their S-Class Guard “everything-proof” luxury car, Mercedes used a lot of HP equipment – most noticeably a HP Tablet PC (I think it’s a black 2710p but I could be wrong), various large HP LCD display units and HP servers in the background.
The video itself is one of the most marvelous and one of the best product promotional videos by a company that I’ve seen to date. It’s sophisticated, it […]

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