Spotted: HP EliteBook Revolve 810 data sheet tells us what to expect for HP’s new business tablet

By Brad Jan 2 2013 add comment

It’s going to be another two months until the new HP EliteBook Revolve hits the shelves, but after a rather brief announcement note last month, HP has finally given us a big piece to solve the EliteBook Revolve puzzle. So here are the answers to some of the unanswered questions we had about the new convertible tablet.

The EliteBook Revolve’s model number or official name will be the HP EliteBook Revolve 810; although it will be marketed as the former […]

Interesting, Spotted

Custom modified EliteBook spotted with eye-tracking sensor

By Brad Jan 6 2012 add comment

Custom EliteBook used by Tobii Tech
Well hello everyone, hope you had a good holiday season and happy new year 2012. CES is coming and we’ll be sure to get busy around here. I spotted something very interesting two days ago when Tobii Technology showed off a video with their new hardware for mouse-free interaction with Windows 8. This was made possible via eye-tracking, whose hardware was incorporated into a modified HP EliteBook (specifically the 14 inch EliteBook 8440p).
Custom EliteBook with […]


Spotted: HP Ultrabook Pavilion ‘Folio’ dm3 in the wild

By Brad Nov 15 2011 add comment

2012 HP Pavilion dm3 (Photo by Ritchie's Room)
Well, what do you know, the mythical unicorn is about to become real… originally rumored to be released before September, tech blog Ritchie’s Room has information about the upcoming HP ultra-thin ultrabook model shown by HP Australia! The new notebook, the 2012 Pavilion dm3, also codenamed the HP Folio, is said to be making its debut next month in December, at least in Australia… so book those flight tickets if you want […]


Spotted: HP EliteBooks and business monitors at BMW AppCenter China

By Brad Oct 18 2011 add comment

HP EliteBook spotted with BMW (Picture by BMW Blog)

Well, we’re decidedly alive and kicking once again, with HP seemingly upbeat about their computer division (PSG) by being the sponsor/partner of several popular TV shows that kicked their new seasons off earlier this month/late September. In particular, I’ve spotted quite a number of HP products (including the now-dead HP TouchPad) being used by various characters in several CWTV shows (anyone care to take a guess?) but more on that later. […]


Spotted: Next-gen 2011 HP TouchSmart all-in-one desktop

By Brad Aug 12 2011 add comment

Upcoming 2011 HP TouchSmart (Photo by
Well, it’s no TouchSmart tm2 or tm3 convertible tablet, but tech blog Engadget has gotten a picture (a rather pixelated one at that) of HP’s next TouchSmart all-in-one desktop. It appears that the TouchSmart all-in-one design will be finally get an evolution to something with more metal accents (note the stand at the bottom) as well as sleeker in profile. We haven’t gotten any specific details about HP’s next-generation […]

Interesting, Spotted

Spotted: HP shows off style in simplicity in 2011 EliteBook brochure

By Brad Jul 4 2011 add comment

Screenshot of a page from HP's latest EliteBook brochure
Looks like HP is even incorporating their ‘simple but professional’ attire from their notebooks into their brochures too. At least that’s what the design/layout of this new PDF file showing off the features of HP’s EliteBook business laptops tells us. While the brochure doesn’t tell HP-obsessed folks like me any new things we don’t already know, it certainly presents some interesting facts and eye-opening features which might convince some […]


Fun stuff: Blair Waldorf and her Windows-branded ThinkPad

By Brad Jun 24 2011 add comment

Blair Waldorf and the Windows branded ThinkPad T410s (Screenshot from Gossip Girl, Season 4, E16)
As the weekends approach, it’s a good time to start to unwind from the hectic week and look forward to about 60 hours of blissful, non-weekday time. Now I know some may be starting to see a trend here, after last week’s muse, the $34,000 HP mouse… and I’ll try to have a weekly “Fun Stuff Fridays” post, depending if I come across anything […]


Sandy Bridge wielding HP ProBook dressed like an EliteBook

By Brad May 6 2011 add comment

HP ProBook 5330m listed on HP's website
It’s been quite a while since the ultra-thin HP ProBook 5320m made its silent debut on HP Singapore’s website. And many have been curious about the fate of the ultra-thin ProBook 5000-series line after seemingly no news earlier this year with the debut of mainstream ProBook models and the EliteBook 8460p and 8560p. But fear not, because one of our readers Sam has just sent us a little something he found off […]

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