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Custom modified EliteBook spotted with eye-tracking sensor

By Brad Jan 6 2012 add comment

Custom EliteBook used by Tobii Tech
Well hello everyone, hope you had a good holiday season and happy new year 2012. CES is coming and we’ll be sure to get busy around here. I spotted something very interesting two days ago when Tobii Technology showed off a video with their new hardware for mouse-free interaction with Windows 8. This was made possible via eye-tracking, whose hardware was incorporated into a modified HP EliteBook (specifically the 14 inch EliteBook 8440p).
Custom EliteBook with […]

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Spotted: HP shows off style in simplicity in 2011 EliteBook brochure

By Brad Jul 4 2011 add comment

Screenshot of a page from HP's latest EliteBook brochure
Looks like HP is even incorporating their ‘simple but professional’ attire from their notebooks into their brochures too. At least that’s what the design/layout of this new PDF file showing off the features of HP’s EliteBook business laptops tells us. While the brochure doesn’t tell HP-obsessed folks like me any new things we don’t already know, it certainly presents some interesting facts and eye-opening features which might convince some […]


HP wireless keyboard in the house!

By Brad Jun 29 2011 1 Comment

HP Mini Wireless Keyboard with EliteBook… review coming soon!
The HP Mini Wireless Keyboard: I’ve been using this little thing for awhile now with my EliteBook. It comes in handy a bunch when I hook up my notebook to an external monitor and need something to type on… but sometimes I bring it out for fun since it’s portable and slim enough to be use on the go. More on this home/media center suited keyboard later this week when I […]

Fun stuff: Amazon selling HP mouse for price of BMW

Fun stuff: Amazon selling HP mouse for price of BMW

By Brad Jun 17 2011 add comment

And I wish I even had a car in the first place… here comes someone who made a huge typo on a HP Wireless Mouse’s price tag: the little critter is listed for a cool $34,072 on Amazon, just a couple of bucks short of the base price for an entry-level BMW 3 series sedan! And then there’s more good news and bad news… [sarcasm alert!] Good news is that it comes with free shipping, which should […]

Report: HP to make some notebooks in Japan
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Report: HP to make some notebooks in Japan

By Brad Jun 17 2011 add comment

Japanese publication The Nikkei is reporting this morning that HP plans to move part of its notebook production to Japan, from China, over the next couple of months. The report mentions that equivalent labor costs in Japan is about four times that of China, but there will be efficiency gains as a result along with that respectable ‘Made in Japan’ underneath your notebook and delivery times slashed from 10 down to 5 business days. According to The Nikkei, HP also […]

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A weekend with Dirt 3 and Dreamweaver CS5.5

By Brad Jun 3 2011 3 Comments

Dirt 3!
Playing a new PC game and adding new things to HP Fansite… what a fantastic way to spend an early summer weekend! And next week we’re gonna be talking lots about computers, hardware and touch on a little gaming since E3 2011 is happening for most part of the week…
I’ve already got some things in mind, but I wanna hear your feedback – what’s the one new feature (or ten) you’d like to see on HP Fansite? Shoot […]

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API Mapping tool for “Apple iOS to Windows Phone 7” released

By Brad Apr 29 2011 add comment

A brand new API mapping tool was released for Windows Phone 7 today. It’s a big win-win situation as this tool comes in handy for app developers looking to port their apps on Apple’s iOS platform over to the Windows Phone 7, while at the same time, it helps to encourages the appearance of more apps Windows Phone 7.
And more apps on their platform  is exactly what Microsoft desperately needs to sway an ex-Windows Mobile gone Apple […]

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HP EliteBook 8560w has a CFast (Compact Flash) card slot!

By Brad Apr 15 2011 2 Comments

CFast slot on the HP EliteBook 8560w
I’ve looked over the EliteBook press photos before and I remember seeing something interesting, but we got too caught up in covering their release in the news that I almost forgot all about it.  So here’s the scoop: there’s this slot on the front of the newly released EliteBook 8560w that looks suspiciously like a Compact Flash card slot. And upon close inspection, there’s a line above it that reads “CFast”. This is […]

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