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PlayStation 4 hardware analyzed: AMD inside and a Radeon 6970 GPU?

By Brad Feb 20 2013 add comment

Sony is in the midst of its event in New York right now, where they have just announced the PlayStation 4 and now talking about the new console’s features. As a big time gamer and fan of various video game franchises myself, one thing that caught my attention was early in the event where Sony talked about the key hardware specifications of the PlayStation 4.
The new PlayStation 4 is said to have ‘supercharged PC architecture’ featuring an X86 CPU, ‘enhanced […]

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Valve and Xi3 create Piston, a pint-sized PC that runs the latest games

By Brad Jan 8 2013 add comment

If you’ve been reading HP Fansite for a while, you know that I have a passion in seeing high performance hardware and gaming. And sometimes it’s good to break the monotony of talking about everything HP and discuss some other things happening in the tech industry. At CES 2013, there already has been plenty of exciting news: Intel talking about their latest Haswell processors, AMD launching new processors and Radeon 8000 series graphics cards, the Nvidia Shield handheld […]


Check out my Counter-Strike: GO review on Games Per Second!

By Brad Dec 4 2012 add comment

I’ve noticed it too – HP Fansite has seemed a bit bare over the past year! And for good reason – I’ve been focusing on school (going to graduate soon!), work, web design and other side projects. And of course, the biggest reason, HP themselves being rather uninspiring – lack of sending me review units (or even news releases even; how strange!) and decent products but without much ‘wow’ factor (which may or may not be related to HP’s […]

Future of gaming and Windows 8: Consoles step aside, PC is back?!

Future of gaming and Windows 8: Consoles step aside, PC is back?!

By Brad Jul 12 2011 add comment

Windows 8
One of our readers from Europe, Vincenzo, has just sent me this interesting article (translated version here, if you’re like me and have an Italian vocabulary that is limited to the words you picked up from Assassin’s Creed!) talking about bits of code in Windows 8 programming that mentions the Xbox 360.
It is mentioned in the article that there are several possibilities, from the next generation Xbox console running as a branch […]

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Analysis: Microsoft releases Kinect for Windows SDK beta

By Brad Jun 16 2011 add comment

Kinect for Windows SDK beta
This is just in: Microsoft has just made available their beta Software Development Kit (SDK) for their Kinect for Windows. With the recent trend of more games that used to be “console only” having sequels that are being developed to include PC (such as Metal Gear Solid Rising in 2012) and game companies we thought would go the “console only” route but didn’t, instead opting to continue to develop titles for PC as well (such […]

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A weekend with Dirt 3 and Dreamweaver CS5.5

By Brad Jun 3 2011 3 Comments

Dirt 3!
Playing a new PC game and adding new things to HP Fansite… what a fantastic way to spend an early summer weekend! And next week we’re gonna be talking lots about computers, hardware and touch on a little gaming since E3 2011 is happening for most part of the week…
I’ve already got some things in mind, but I wanna hear your feedback – what’s the one new feature (or ten) you’d like to see on HP Fansite? Shoot […]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 leak says it’s a sequel!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 leak says it’s a sequel!

By Brad May 13 2011 add comment

Find Makarov did NOT result in the revelation of Modern Warfare 3 🙁 but now the REAL deal has been exposed and leaked by gaming website, Kotaku!
Remember when we highly let down less than three months ago when the “Find Makarov” teaser that hit the web turned out to be nothing more than someone’s backyard project on making a home video independently-produced movie version of the first Modern Warfare in the Call of Duty series? Yeah, I was too. […]

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