Intel Ivy Bridge HD 4000 graphics: The run-flat tires of my gaming PC

By Brad Jun 17 2012 1 Comment

PC Gaming using Intel Ivy Bridge integrated graphics: Looking pretty good!
Some of you may know that I recently built my own desktop machine (today is actually the 1 month anniversary of building it) but I don’t blame you if you didn’t know that, I haven’t quite posted pictures and talked about it yet. When mentioning building this new PC, along with other things, last month, I also spoke of moving. Turns out things didn’t really work […]


When your laptop’s keyboard is too awesome to let go…

By Brad Jul 11 2011 add comment

HP EliteBook keyboard with HP ZR24w
There’s something about the EliteBook 2530p’s keyboard which makes it an absolutely lovely dream to type on. I’m a fan of ‘keyboard sans number pad’ designs for distraction and clutter-free typing (that’s just me) and somehow the laptop’s built-in keyboard caters to that so well. The keyboard is also nice and firm (unlike other external, dedicated keyboards which rattle as I type at blazing speeds or other laptop keyboards which feel ‘squishy’ and ruins […]

“Hulk smash HP Pavilion”… and it survived, sort of…

“Hulk smash HP Pavilion”… and it survived, sort of…

By Brad Jun 27 2011 add comment

Now here’s something you don’t come across everyday: Not two months ago, I had a friend who fell from riding his bike; with some scratches here and there, he was alright but the Pavilion dv7 in his backpack… not so much. However, having tried, tested and shown how extremely durable HP’s EliteBook business models are, it’s interesting to observe and analyze the extent of damage and survivability of consumer-level models from abuse and accidents.
The notebook was an almost brand […]


EliteBook 2560p combo Page buttons: Yay or nay?

By Brad Jun 2 2011 7 Comments

HP EliteBook 2560p arrow keys
I’ve been meaning to post this for some time but better late than never, right? The EliteBook 2560p is the first laptop in HP’s business EliteBook laptop line in years to receive a completely redesigned keyboard. I’m not talking about switching keyboard styles to partial chiclet and then full-chiclet… those are minor, cosmetic changes.
The keyboard change on the EliteBook 2560p marks a change in terms of layout and usability. The tilde (~) and […]


HP EliteBook: dismantled to dry

By Brad Apr 27 2011 add comment

Drying out my HP EliteBook after being half-drowned in lots of water
I found a photo I posted in one of my Facebook wall photo albums: a picture to go along with yesterday’s story about the drowning of my EliteBook 2530p. I basically undid the keyboard and top touch-sensitive panel above it, as well as the left display hinge and left side of the display bezel, which I held up by sticking a pencil in between, and had two stand […]


Apparently quite water resistant too

By Brad Apr 26 2011 1 Comment

EliteBook after shading my head from the rain
I’m a big time user of my HP EliteBook 2530p ultra-portable notebook. With its footprint not much bigger than a standard letter sized document, it goes almost everywhere with me. The last time I showed you how easily it managed to survive being crushed under 175 lbs of me, and in general, survives the rough and tumble events of life in its daily usage.
Disclaimer: I’m not endorsing the act of drowning your […]

Features, Interesting

AMD FirePro M3900, M5950 and M8900: Radeon counterparts revealed

By Brad Apr 13 2011 1 Comment

ATI's 2011 FirePro workstation-class graphics cards detailed
So now that we have the notebooks, let’s talk about the graphics cards. While Nvidia has a bunch of information published on their website about their new Quadro 1000M, 2000M, 3000M, 4000M and 5010M workstation-class graphics cards, AMD has been fairly quiet about their FirePro M3900 and FirePro M5950 found in the EliteBook 8460w and EliteBook 8560w/8760w models respectively, and of course that mythical top-end FirePro M8900 that’s slated to appear in […]

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Artsy shots of EliteBook 8740w

By Brad Mar 13 2011 3 Comments

EliteBook 8740w backlit keyboard
I really think HP’s EliteBook 8440w/8540w/8740w notebooks are seriously the best looking business laptops HP has ever made, and one of the better looking designs in the market, right up there with those timeless ThinkPad designs.
2010 EliteBook models: Probably the best looking business notebooks HP has ever made?!
It kinda makes one wonder what the EliteBook 8760w of the future will look like, which is interesting. Rumors have hinted (and also deduction from common sense and […]

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