Analysis and Thoughts

Analysis and Thoughts

2012: Year of the 14 inch notebook

By Brad May 31 2011 4 Comments

What's the future of HP's laptops with Ivy Bridge?
Following Intel’s announcement that everything on notebooks will be ultra-low voltage beginning from their Ivy Bridge processors and their keynote this morning at Computex predicting ‘Ultrabooks’ (a creative new term coined by Intel for ultra-portable laptops with low power consumption) will fill about 40% of the market with Ivy Bridge powered, less than 0.8 inch thick, sub-$1000 laptop models by the end of next year, we’re looking at the possibility of […]

Intel: ULV is the new ‘standard’ notebook processor; EliteBook redesign anyone?!
Analysis and Thoughts

Intel: ULV is the new ‘standard’ notebook processor; EliteBook redesign anyone?!

By Brad May 20 2011 2 Comments

Intel Ivy Bridge in 2012
Well, this is big news: Tech/business website Ars Technica is reporting Intel’s big shots announcement at a San Francisco conference to move ‘standard’ laptop processors to have the TDP’s of current ultra-low voltage (processors), between 10 to 15W TDP. Traditionally, standard processors in laptops had a TDP of 35W while ultra-low voltage models (the stuff you see in things like the TouchSmart tm2, various Asus ultra-thin models, and other thin-and-light laptops) had TDP’s […]

Analysis and Thoughts

Will TouchSmart tm2 tablet receive ‘next-gen’ Sandy Bridge options later this year?

By Brad May 9 2011 5 Comments

HP TouchSmart tm2 with Sandy Bridge: where for art thou?! (oh this picture above shows the existing tm2, in case you get too excited)
As of today, seems like HP has given a touch of Intel Sandy Bridge love to all its laptop models, from the humble Pavilion series up to the envy-instilling Envy models, and from their stylish ProBook business models up to the top-end EliteBook line… all except the little notebook in the corner, the […]

Holding out for Intel Ivy Bridge? Three reasons to be patient!
Analysis and Thoughts

Holding out for Intel Ivy Bridge? Three reasons to be patient!

By Brad May 7 2011 7 Comments

Intel Ivy Bridge in 2012 please!
If you’ve been keeping up with the super-fast moving tech news and development out there, you’ll know that Intel recently announced a revolutionary new “3D” way of creating transistors for their processors. First off, the term “3D” Intel has chosen to use has ignited an uproar among some users and regular Joes who seem to misunderstand and misinterpret this as a move from Intel to force ‘3D viewing’ on everyone. Cool down everybody, that’s not […]

Analysis and Thoughts

New 2011 EliteBook design: I think I see why…

By Brad May 2 2011 4 Comments

New back design for 2011 EliteBooks with a backlit HP logo and 'radial metal finish'
It just occurred to me how similar the back of the 2010 “gunmetal grey” EliteBook Mobile Workstation models look compared to some ProBook models. I was walking past some person at Starbucks today and from a distance, thought he was using an EliteBook 8740w, but upon closer inspection, it was just an older 17 inch ProBook model.
I figured this is perhaps one of the reasons that […]

Analysis and Thoughts

Apple’s iPad 2, hot or not? And versus the HP Touchpad?

By Brad Mar 2 2011 add comment

The Apple iPad 2
Well, after the disappointment with Find Makarov and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 NOT being announced this morning, could the newly announced Apple iPad 2 be disappointment of the day number two? The new features on the iPad 2 are:

Dual core 1 GHz processor (versus the iPad 1’s single core 1 GHz processor)
Better graphics and more RAM (likely, since the specifications for these are not out yet)
New front and rear cameras
CDMA support so Verizon […]

Make mine a 3D capable EliteBook
Analysis and Thoughts

Make mine a 3D capable EliteBook

By Brad Feb 28 2011 2 Comments

Polarized 3D glass I'm going to try with my EliteBook 2530p
Not long ago, I was going all out to look for a multi-touch solution for my HP business notebook and less than a year after that, I finally found this magically HP-provided Synaptics universal multitouch driver; a driver which I continue to use to this day.
I’ve been enjoying chiral scrolling, two-finger left-right/up-down scrolling, pinch zooming, three finger swiping and three finger activated application launching, even to this day. So […]

Choosing an ultra-portable companion: Looking at the iPad
Analysis and Thoughts

Choosing an ultra-portable companion: Looking at the iPad

By Brad Jul 4 2010 add comment

No, those are not my hands and that is not my iPad…
I was about to move away from looking at tablets, but before I did, I decided to have a look at one more option – the Apple iPad. Like many of Apple’s products, the iPad has received and continues to receive plenty of hype – from its ‘awesome’ feature set and versatility to its slim profile and form factor suited to content consumption. And the fact that it […]

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