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PlayStation 4 hardware analyzed: AMD inside and a Radeon 6970 GPU?

By Brad Feb 20 2013 add comment

Sony is in the midst of its event in New York right now, where they have just announced the PlayStation 4 and now talking about the new console’s features. As a big time gamer and fan of various video game franchises myself, one thing that caught my attention was early in the event where Sony talked about the key hardware specifications of the PlayStation 4.
The new PlayStation 4 is said to have ‘supercharged PC architecture’ featuring an X86 CPU, ‘enhanced […]

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HP EliteBook Revolve 810 vs EliteBook 2760p: offspring or successor?

By Brad Jan 6 2013 7 Comments

The latest HP EliteBook Revolve 810 has sparked quite a bit of enthusiasm in the crowd looking for a convertible tablet notebook, and for good reason: 2012 came and went without any new EliteBook convertible tablet, and the last business convertible tablet from HP is still the 2011 EliteBook 2760p (which HP is still selling on their website to this day). With the launch of Windows 8 in October 2012 and manufacturers going on sprees putting touchscreens […]

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HP EliteBook 8770w first impressions and versus EliteBook 8740w

By Brad Jul 2 2012 2 Comments

HP EliteBook 8770w (left) vs EliteBook 8740w (right) thickness
I recently got a chance to have a brief hands-on with the new HP EliteBook 8770w Mobile Workstation. It’s basically identical to the 2011’s EliteBook 8760w on the outside with refresh processor and graphics card options on the inside. This isn’t something that EliteBook 8760w owners would immediately upgrade to, unless you’re really rich or going to have your company purchase it for you. The performance jump is very slight and battery […]

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Failure of HP’s mobile (web)OS: I saw it coming and I told you so

By Brad Aug 19 2011 2 Comments

It’s funny (in a sad way) how the future can be so drastically affected by the past.  Yesterday’s incident of the demise of webOS and HP’s mobile division did not come as a surprise to me (though the announcement of the potential consideration of breaking off their PC division did) because it almost took the “cause and effects” right out of my mouth in an article I wrote 16 months ago here on HP Fansite.
Back then, HP was pretty […]

Time to get over things and just let WebOS die
Analysis and Thoughts

Time to get over things and just let WebOS die

By Brad Aug 19 2011 1 Comment

Just face the facts everyone: WebOS is pretty much dead. There’s been a lot of chatter on the net in the last 24 hours about the fate and future potential of WebOS. And though you’ll probably hate me for saying it, I hate to break it to you but it’s time for a wake up call to face the facts (and reality): Palm and WebOS are dead. Period. And I’m not saying because I’m trolling, I’m not saying it because […]

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Ideas for HP’s future monitors and displays

By Brad Jul 25 2011 2 Comments

Ideas for future HP monitors
Being the proud new owner of a used HP ZR24W business monitor and having seen the peaked interest in the recent months about HP’s (future) monitors from reader emails, there are a couple of ideas I’d like to list down for my ideal ‘next’ monitor, hopefully from HP (since I do like their no-nonsense mostly all black with some silvery accents industrial designs)

HD webcam: This is probably the number one most wanted feature for HP’s business monitors […]

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Analysis: Microsoft releases Kinect for Windows SDK beta

By Brad Jun 16 2011 add comment

Kinect for Windows SDK beta
This is just in: Microsoft has just made available their beta Software Development Kit (SDK) for their Kinect for Windows. With the recent trend of more games that used to be “console only” having sequels that are being developed to include PC (such as Metal Gear Solid Rising in 2012) and game companies we thought would go the “console only” route but didn’t, instead opting to continue to develop titles for PC as well (such […]

Analysis and Thoughts

HP EliteBook 2560p vs ProBook 5330m: Cousin against cousin

By Brad Jun 3 2011 6 Comments

ProBook 5330m vs EliteBook 2560p
I’m not sure if anyone else noticed but the release of the HP EliteBook 2560p and ProBook 5330m notebooks has certainly intrigued me, since the latter now is dressed like an EliteBook (not sure if actual build quality is the same though) and the EliteBook 2560p has downshifted to a 16:9 aspect ratio display, has a reshuffled right side of the keyboard that kicks away some important dedicated keys and seems to […]

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