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Intel confirms ultra-low power Haswell processors; mandates touchscreens and wireless display

Jan 7 2013 1 Comment

It’s been a busy first day at CES 2013 and Intel certainly has had a large presence at the show, along with some things to say about their upcoming 2013 Haswell processor line. First off, Intel has confirmed that they are re-adding a branch of ultra-low voltage processors to their Haswell line which run at 10W. Haswell will be the first time in about 4 years that Intel has had a line of 10W processors; with ultra-low voltage processors […]


Intel Haswell processors delayed until end of May or early June

Jan 1 2013 add comment

It’s barely the day after New Year’s for some countries like Australia and still January 1st for other places, but there’s already news surfacing about Intel’s next generation Haswell processors. And it’s not good news if you’re lusting after the latest processors (but good news if you’ve just bought or built a new computer) – the launch of Intel’s new 2013 processors are said to be delayed and will launch between the time frame of 27 May and 7 June […]


Intel to release 10 watt Ivy Bridge processors in 2013

Dec 5 2012 add comment

While Intel’s Ivy Bridge CPUs have been out since earlier this year, they’ve already got plans to release a variant of processors that will have power consumption reduced down to a mere 10 watts, according to a new mini roadmap that made its way onto the Internet this week. Current low-voltage chips in ultrabooks and tablet hybrids consume 17 watts minimum so Intel is definitely looking into bringing in something even more efficient in 2013 (probably at a slight […]


Intel Ivy Bridge HD 4000 graphics: The run-flat tires of my gaming PC

Jun 17 2012 1 Comment

PC Gaming using Intel Ivy Bridge integrated graphics: Looking pretty good!
Some of you may know that I recently built my own desktop machine (today is actually the 1 month anniversary of building it) but I don’t blame you if you didn’t know that, I haven’t quite posted pictures and talked about it yet. When mentioning building this new PC, along with other things, last month, I also spoke of moving. Turns out things didn’t really work […]


Intel intros new ULV chips, Sandy Bridge TouchSmart tm2 here we come?!

Intel's new ULV processors good reason for a TouchSmart tm2 update?
Two months ago I talked about how HP could potentially stuff “Sandy Bridge 1.5” in their TouchSmart tm2, seeing how their consumer-level tablet model is the only model at the moment that hasn’t received the Intel 2011 Sandy Bridge update treatment. Today, Intel ushered out of its doors, three new ultra-low voltage Sandy Bridge chips… ripe and ready to be used in a potential TouchSmart tm2 update, if I […]

New Intel Core i7 740QM and 840QM quad core processors (Click for larger)

New Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 dual and quad core chips appear in Elitebook CTO options

Hey, what do we have here… looks like HP has quietly added a bunch of new and currently unreleased Intel Core i3, Core i5 AND Core i7 Mobile processors to their Elitebook line of notebook PCs! If you’ve checked out my posting about the HP Envy 17, SOME of these new processor options may not come as a surprise, but I bet you never knew about those new Core i3 Mobile processors, huh?
All of today’s […]