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Good job HP: webOS goes open source, might come back from the dead?

Dec 13 2011 add comment

Well played HP, looks like the big white-and-blue is coming back to its senses. HP announced over the weekends that webOS will be going open source, and there’s a slight chance of HP themselves coming back to make webOS hardware (though CEO Meg Whitman’s words point towards more tablets but no smartphones). At least that’s some good news for webOS fans… we were all gloomy and pessimistic about webOS before HP’s change in CEO, but now we’re thinking […]


Spotted: HP EliteBooks and business monitors at BMW AppCenter China

HP EliteBook spotted with BMW (Picture by BMW Blog)

Well, we’re decidedly alive and kicking once again, with HP seemingly upbeat about their computer division (PSG) by being the sponsor/partner of several popular TV shows that kicked their new seasons off earlier this month/late September. In particular, I’ve spotted quite a number of HP products (including the now-dead HP TouchPad) being used by various characters in several CWTV shows (anyone care to take a guess?) but more on that later. […]

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Failure of HP’s mobile (web)OS: I saw it coming and I told you so

It’s funny (in a sad way) how the future can be so drastically affected by the past.  Yesterday’s incident of the demise of webOS and HP’s mobile division did not come as a surprise to me (though the announcement of the potential consideration of breaking off their PC division did) because it almost took the “cause and effects” right out of my mouth in an article I wrote 16 months ago here on HP Fansite.
Back then, HP was pretty […]

Time to get over things and just let WebOS die
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Time to get over things and just let WebOS die

Aug 19 2011 1 Comment

Just face the facts everyone: WebOS is pretty much dead. There’s been a lot of chatter on the net in the last 24 hours about the fate and future potential of WebOS. And though you’ll probably hate me for saying it, I hate to break it to you but it’s time for a wake up call to face the facts (and reality): Palm and WebOS are dead. Period. And I’m not saying because I’m trolling, I’m not saying it because […]


Breaking: HP drops TouchPad prices by $50 till September 10th

Jul 30 2011 add comment

HP TouchPad price dropped by $50
Dreaming about that HP TouchPad after being convinced that things will be better in the near future? Well good news! HP has JUST announced a $50 price drop for both 16 GB and 32 GB WiFi TouchPad models, which brings them down to $449 and $549 respectively… the offer is effective from now till September 10th. Still no word on any official pricing on the ‘connected’ AT&T 4G TouchPad though (though we’ve guessed […]

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Ideas for HP’s future monitors and displays

Ideas for future HP monitors
Being the proud new owner of a used HP ZR24W business monitor and having seen the peaked interest in the recent months about HP’s (future) monitors from reader emails, there are a couple of ideas I’d like to list down for my ideal ‘next’ monitor, hopefully from HP (since I do like their no-nonsense mostly all black with some silvery accents industrial designs)

HD webcam: This is probably the number one most wanted feature for HP’s business monitors […]


HP and AT&T announce TouchPad 4G

Jul 12 2011 add comment

HP Touchpad 4G
The duo which have already worked together on getting that HP Veer 4G out, HP and AT&T are back at it again. They’ve just announced the TouchPad 4G today! The HP TouchPad 4G is the ‘connected version’ of the HP TouchPad we first heard news about last month.
The changes you’ll find on the TouchPad 4G include:

Connectivity to AT&T’s HSPA+ “4G” network (no actual LTE 4G sadly)
32 GB version only, at the moment (regular TouchPad comes in […]

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