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HP brings out Pavilion Sleekbook and Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook at CES

Today’s the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2013 and HP certainly has some consumer oriented products to show. Earlier on Monday, HP launched two new thin, AMD powered Pavilion notebooks. The Pavilion Sleekbook and its long-named sibling, the Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook both feature 15.6 inch displays, full-sized chiclet style keyboards with number pads and AMD accelerated processing units (APU). The key differences is that the former uses AMD A6 chips and has a standard non-touch display, while […]


Spotted: Next-gen 2011 HP TouchSmart all-in-one desktop

Upcoming 2011 HP TouchSmart (Photo by Engadget.com)
Well, it’s no TouchSmart tm2 or tm3 convertible tablet, but tech blog Engadget has gotten a picture (a rather pixelated one at that) of HP’s next TouchSmart all-in-one desktop. It appears that the TouchSmart all-in-one design will be finally get an evolution to something with more metal accents (note the stand at the bottom) as well as sleeker in profile. We haven’t gotten any specific details about HP’s next-generation […]


Intel intros new ULV chips, Sandy Bridge TouchSmart tm2 here we come?!

Intel's new ULV processors good reason for a TouchSmart tm2 update?
Two months ago I talked about how HP could potentially stuff “Sandy Bridge 1.5” in their TouchSmart tm2, seeing how their consumer-level tablet model is the only model at the moment that hasn’t received the Intel 2011 Sandy Bridge update treatment. Today, Intel ushered out of its doors, three new ultra-low voltage Sandy Bridge chips… ripe and ready to be used in a potential TouchSmart tm2 update, if I […]

Analysis and Thoughts

Will TouchSmart tm2 tablet receive ‘next-gen’ Sandy Bridge options later this year?

HP TouchSmart tm2 with Sandy Bridge: where for art thou?! (oh this picture above shows the existing tm2, in case you get too excited)
As of today, seems like HP has given a touch of Intel Sandy Bridge love to all its laptop models, from the humble Pavilion series up to the envy-instilling Envy models, and from their stylish ProBook business models up to the top-end EliteBook line… all except the little notebook in the corner, the […]


HP Touchsmart featured in Black Eyed Peas video

The Black Eyed Peas recently featured the HP Touchsmart in their latest music video “Boom Boom Pow”. The HP Touchsmart appears three times in the music video – at the very beginning, the end and somewhere in the middle of the video. And not just ANY HP Touchsmart – it’s a HP Touchsmart with a super-sized HP logo!! (and a plus-size screen? Read on for speculation)
Compare that to this closeup taken of a ‘normal’ HP Touchsmart:
Check out the proportions of […]