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HP Envy 27 Beats monitor is exactly what its name says

With HP slapping the Envy name on everything they can get their hands on these days, the new HP Envy 27 Beats monitor that they dropped today shouldn’t come as a surprise. They’ve had Envy laptops, Envy all-in-one desktops, Envy printers and now they have an Envy monitor. The Envy 27 Beats hosts a 1920 x 1080 IPS panel that’s 27 inches in size with a super-slim bezel. The display has an aluminium stand that connects to the display […]


HP U160: A specialized use, portable 15.6 inch monitor

Jan 7 2013 add comment

Now here’s something HP has never done before: A portable monitor. At CES 2013 today, HP brought out the U160 flip and fold monitor. The HP U160 sports a 15.6 inch LED backlit TN display with 1366 x 768 pixels of resolution and 180 nits of brightness. The monitor is thin (by external monitor standards) and weighs just 3.4 lbs (1.6 kg), making it portable as it can be. The monitor also has a built-in case which allows you to […]


HP launches five new Pavilion monitors and four ProDisplay monitors

Along with that fancy HP Envy 27 Beats monitor, HP also brought out five new monitors at CES 2013 today. The Pavilion 22xi, 23xi, 25xi and 27xi all sport screen sizes that correspond to their names. All four monitors have 1920 x 1080 resolution, IPS panels and VGA, DVI and HDMI ports. A smaller Pavilion 20xi 20 inch monitor has been available in Europe for a while now and sports 1600 x 900 resolution on a non-IPS panel, along with […]


HP announces new monitors and printers for summer 2012

New 2012 HP monitors and printers
Besides laptops and desktop computers, HP has also announced a couple of new accessories, composed of mainly printers and monitor displays.

First off is the HP Officejet 150 which is a mobile all-in-one printer/scanner that comes with a 2.36 inch touchscreen battery and lithium-ion rechargeable battery that’s good for printing up to 500 pages. The HP Officejet 150 All-in-one will be available for $399 in June.
The other printer is a more generic ‘sit on the […]


Spotted: HP EliteBooks and business monitors at BMW AppCenter China

HP EliteBook spotted with BMW (Picture by BMW Blog)

Well, we’re decidedly alive and kicking once again, with HP seemingly upbeat about their computer division (PSG) by being the sponsor/partner of several popular TV shows that kicked their new seasons off earlier this month/late September. In particular, I’ve spotted quite a number of HP products (including the now-dead HP TouchPad) being used by various characters in several CWTV shows (anyone care to take a guess?) but more on that later. […]

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Ideas for HP’s future monitors and displays

Ideas for future HP monitors
Being the proud new owner of a used HP ZR24W business monitor and having seen the peaked interest in the recent months about¬†HP’s (future) monitors from reader emails, there are a couple of ideas I’d like to list down for my ideal ‘next’ monitor, hopefully from HP (since I do like their no-nonsense mostly all black with some silvery accents industrial designs)

HD webcam: This is probably the number one most wanted feature for HP’s business monitors […]


HP announces 2011 Pavilion series desktops and 23 inch x2301 Micro Thin display

New 2011 HP Pavilion series desktops
HP has just announced three new Pavilion series consumer desktops today: The compact Pavilion Slimline S5, regular-sized Pavilion p7 and more powerful Pavilion HPE h8. They all feature Beats Audio and Sandy Bridge Intel processors of all sorts. With price tags starting at $330 (s5), $300 (p7) and $600 (h8) respectively, these guys are a lot more affordable (but certainly less powerful) than HP’s Z210 series workstations released last month. They should be available […]

Mercedes uses HP tablets and servers, and you know it!

Mercedes uses HP tablets and servers, and you know it!

Spot the HP logo!
In a not-so-recent promotional video of their S-Class Guard “everything-proof” luxury car, Mercedes used a lot of HP equipment – most noticeably a HP Tablet PC (I think it’s a black 2710p but I could be wrong), various large HP LCD display units and HP servers in the background.
The video itself is one of the most marvelous and one of the best product promotional videos by a company that I’ve seen to date. It’s sophisticated, it […]