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Breaking: HP EliteBook 2560p and 2760p exposed by HP in their full glory

Apr 23 2011 8 Comments

HP's mood today: Apparently not too happy with EliteBook news on the internet
Update (April 26): Well, I kinda saw this coming after HP China wrote to me about this article and I’ve removed this post too to work with HP as smoothly as possible. Well… [sigh] I guess being the biggest fansite/tech site that’s dedicated to appreciating HP and its products automatically puts us high on their radar!
Update (May 9): HP has officially unveiled the EliteBook 2560p and […]

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HP EliteBook 8560w has a CFast (Compact Flash) card slot!

Apr 15 2011 2 Comments

CFast slot on the HP EliteBook 8560w
I’ve looked over the EliteBook press photos before and I remember seeing something interesting, but we got too caught up in covering their release in the news that I almost forgot all about it.  So here’s the scoop: there’s this slot on the front of the newly released EliteBook 8560w that looks suspiciously like a Compact Flash card slot. And upon close inspection, there’s a line above it that reads “CFast”. This is […]

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AMD FirePro M3900, M5950 and M8900: Radeon counterparts revealed

, Apr 13 2011 1 Comment

ATI's 2011 FirePro workstation-class graphics cards detailed
So now that we have the notebooks, let’s talk about the graphics cards. While Nvidia has a bunch of information published on their website about their new Quadro 1000M, 2000M, 3000M, 4000M and 5010M workstation-class graphics cards, AMD has been fairly quiet about their FirePro M3900 and FirePro M5950 found in the EliteBook 8460w and EliteBook 8560w/8760w models respectively, and of course that mythical top-end FirePro M8900 that’s slated to appear in […]


HP EliteBook 8460w, 8560w and 8760w Mobile Workstations now official!

Apr 12 2011 6 Comments

New HP EliteBook Mobile Workstation models now official! (Click on images for larger photos)
Yup, they’re official! Introducing the new HP EliteBook 8460w, EliteBook 8560w and EliteBook 8760w Mobile Workstations! The new lineup of three Mobile Workstations we see today are successors to last year’s HP EliteBook Mobile Workstation models (the 8440w, 8540w and 8740w). And like the EliteBook 8460p and EliteBook 8560p ‘regular business’ models announced in February, the trio today don HP’s new design for their business […]


All about the HP EliteBook 8760w

Apr 12 2011 7 Comments

HP EliteBook 8760w Mobile Workstation (click for larger)
The HP EliteBook 8760w is a massive desktop-replacement 17 inch Mobile Workstation. It is HP’s flagship notebook for the 2011 model lineup. At 1.47 inches thick and a footprint of 16.4 by 10.7 inches, this isn’t a machine you would want to carry to Starbucks and on your shoulder all day (well I guess if you worked in the comfy offices of Dreamworks, which happens to be my dream I hope to […]


All about the HP EliteBook 8560w

Apr 12 2011 8 Comments

HP EliteBook 8560w Mobile Workstation (click for larger)
The 15 inch HP EliteBook 8560w has more in common with its larger sibling, the EliteBook 8760w, than the EliteBook 8460w. is the newly announced Mobile Workstation model from today. Its 15 by 10 inch footprint sits right between the 8460w and 8760w, and resembles them with a MIL-STD 810G business-rugged gunmetal gray exterior design.
The EliteBook 8560w gives you the choice of Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors, from the 2.5 GHz […]


All about the HP EliteBook 8460w

Apr 12 2011 3 Comments

HP EliteBook 8460w Mobile Workstation (click for larger)
The HP EliteBook 8460w is the newly announced Mobile Workstation model from today. Having a 14 inch screen and measuring not much larger than a traditional document (about 13 by 9 inches), it’s the smallest of HP’s Mobile Workstation models. In terms of design, it resembles its “p-series” twin, the EliteBook 8460p, except it has a gunmetal-gray design.
The EliteBook 8460w is meets MIL-STD 810G “military standards” which is just a really fancy […]

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Artsy shots of EliteBook 8740w

Mar 13 2011 3 Comments

EliteBook 8740w backlit keyboard
I really think HP’s EliteBook 8440w/8540w/8740w notebooks are seriously the best looking business laptops HP has ever made, and one of the better looking designs in the market, right up there with those timeless ThinkPad designs.
2010 EliteBook models: Probably the best looking business notebooks HP has ever made?!
It kinda makes one wonder what the EliteBook 8760w of the future will look like, which is interesting. Rumors have hinted (and also deduction from common sense and […]

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