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Report: HP to make some notebooks in Japan
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Report: HP to make some notebooks in Japan

Japanese publication The Nikkei is reporting this morning that HP plans to move part of its notebook production to Japan, from China, over the next couple of months. The report mentions that equivalent labor costs in Japan is about four times that of China, but there will be efficiency gains as a result along with that respectable ‘Made in Japan’ underneath your notebook and delivery times slashed from 10 down to 5 business days. According to The Nikkei, HP also […]

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HP EliteBook 2560p vs ProBook 5330m: Cousin against cousin

ProBook 5330m vs EliteBook 2560p
I’m not sure if anyone else noticed but the release of the HP EliteBook 2560p and ProBook 5330m notebooks has certainly intrigued me, since the latter now is dressed like an EliteBook (not sure if actual build quality is the same though) and the EliteBook 2560p has downshifted to a 16:9 aspect ratio display, has a reshuffled right side of the keyboard that kicks away some important dedicated keys and seems to […]


EliteBook 2560p combo Page buttons: Yay or nay?

HP EliteBook 2560p arrow keys
I’ve been meaning to post this for some time but better late than never, right? The EliteBook 2560p is the first laptop in HP’s business EliteBook laptop line in years to receive a completely redesigned keyboard. I’m not talking about switching keyboard styles to partial chiclet and then full-chiclet… those are minor, cosmetic changes.
The keyboard change on the EliteBook 2560p marks a change in terms of layout and usability. The tilde (~) and […]

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2012: Year of the 14 inch notebook

What's the future of HP's laptops with Ivy Bridge?
Following Intel’s announcement that everything on notebooks will be ultra-low voltage beginning from their Ivy Bridge processors and their keynote this morning at Computex predicting ‘Ultrabooks’ (a creative new term coined by Intel for ultra-portable laptops with low power consumption) will fill about 40% of the market with Ivy Bridge powered, less than 0.8 inch thick, sub-$1000 laptop models by the end of next year, we’re looking at the possibility of […]


HP announces EliteBook 2560p and 2760p laptops… officially

Yup, they’re finally official… HP has taken the wraps off two new business notebooks, the long awaited EliteBook 2560p ultra-portable and EliteBook 2760p convertible tablet computer.
HP EliteBook 2560p officially announced
Here’s the scoop on the EliteBook 2560p, which has been redesigned to blend in with HP’s other professional business notebooks:

Intel Sandy Bridge full-voltage Core i5 and Core i7 dual core processors: choices are 2.7 GHz Core i7-2620M, 2.6 GHz Core i5-2540M, 2.5 GHz Core i5-2520M and 2.3 GHz Core i5-2410M
Unlike […]

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New 2011 EliteBook design: I think I see why…

New back design for 2011 EliteBooks with a backlit HP logo and 'radial metal finish'
It just occurred to me how similar the back of the 2010 “gunmetal grey” EliteBook Mobile Workstation models look compared to some ProBook models. I was walking past some person at Starbucks today and from a distance, thought he was using an EliteBook 8740w, but upon closer inspection, it was just an older 17 inch ProBook model.
I figured this is perhaps one of the reasons that […]


HP EliteBook: dismantled to dry

Drying out my HP EliteBook after being half-drowned in lots of water
I found a photo I posted in one of my Facebook wall photo albums: a picture to go along with yesterday’s story about the drowning of my EliteBook 2530p. I basically undid the keyboard and top touch-sensitive panel above it, as well as the left display hinge and left side of the display bezel, which I held up by sticking a pencil in between, and had two stand […]


Apparently quite water resistant too

Apr 26 2011 1 Comment

EliteBook after shading my head from the rain
I’m a big time user of my HP EliteBook 2530p ultra-portable notebook. With its footprint not much bigger than a standard letter sized document, it goes almost everywhere with me. The last time I showed you how easily it managed to survive being crushed under 175 lbs of me, and in general, survives the rough and tumble events of life in its daily usage.
Disclaimer: I’m not endorsing the act of drowning your […]

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