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The unofficial community and resource for everything HP.

Hi, I’m Brad S. and I’ll be your MC for the site. Who am I? I’m a self-described technology geek and HP’s biggest fan ever. HP as in Hewlett Packard, not Hush Puppies.

That’s probably not an exaggeration, I’m a huge fan of HP. I currently use a HP Pavilion dv4 notebook as my primary PC at home (because I don’t own a desktop), HP Mini 2133 when I’m attending classes or out and about; and a borrowed-HP iPAQ Data Messenger. Of course, getting to try out (but not own, unfortunately) new HP stuff every now and then makes life a little more exciting.

And no, I do not work in HP, or Voodoo, nor do I have a shop of my own selling HP computers. In fact, I just started my freshman year (2009) and have a long way to go in life. Offline (aka in reality), I’m also the tech guy among people I know (which includes teachers when I was in high-school) and besides being their walking-talking tech guide filled with the latest up-to-date news from the technology world, I provide unofficial “technical support”; not only with HP computers, since most of their questions and issues are Windows related (like ‘why can’t my PC boot up all of a sudden’, or ‘my projector was working yesterday but now it isn’t’ kind of questions). And I make PC buying recommendations as well. Isn’t it great to have a friend who’s also your technical guy? No support charges or consultancy fees! So I guess that’ll be one of my roles here on the HP fansite too – answering any questions you may have in mind, HP products or not, and helping out with any computer-related issues.

The intention of the HP Fansite is to share that passion with the world. I’ll be writing about HP products, bringing to you the latest news, things like that. Of course, the other focus that makes this place cozy is a community for “chit-chat over a cup of tea”, as I like to call it, about almost anything: Tech discussion, computer help, purchase recommendations, off topic “general” talk and so forth. Our community isn’t only for HP users and Voodoo addicts by the way, it’s open to everyone out there who wants to chime in to our discussions. Dell, Apple, Lenovo, etc users are most welcome to join =). I think of running the site more as a hobby (Like I said, I don’t work with HP so they don’t pay me)… and enjoy being the thorn among the roses; since the internet is filled with so many Apple lovers with their fansites, yet seems to be lacking a fansite for HP things.

Where do you keep all the stuff that you post on your blog?

Simple: I don’t. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep all the HP goodies that I can get my hands on? But alas, many of the things you see here are returned to HP or their respective owners at the end of the day. I am fortunate enough, however, to know the kind souls who let me try out the devices and machines you see on this blog; even if it was for just long enough to form an opinion and write about my experience with the product.

Even more of HP…

Trivia about me: I’m also probably one of the only few people who actually ENJOYS using HP wallpapers on my screen, I’ve got almost the whole collection of them. Part of the reason is that I find their designs very artistic, and the other part is that I’m not really the type of person who spends hours upon hours on places like Deviant Art just to find (more) beautiful backgrounds for my desktop. I also have the free Voodoo skin/theme (it was available for free download on Stardock’s website) for Windows Vista installed on my HP Mini 2133 netbook.

Naturally, as a person who enjoys technology (I don’t consider myself a couch potato nor an utter, hardcore geek), I keep myself updated with the latest tech news, and especially HP news. If you’re wondering about which guys in HP I follow, I read Rahul Sood’s blog, Phil McKinney’s blog and lurk around The Next Bench, dropping in my 2 cents into article comments every now and then.

You’ll be seeing a lot of my thoughts, reviews, ideas, insight and so on… mostly of HP products but so it won’t seem I’m tooooo obsessed with HP, there’ll be other things as well, not to worry. Stick around, it’s gonna be fun.

If you’re reading this and from HP, and would like to use my photos of your products (or even hire me?), write me an email.

Questions? Comments? Any suggestions? Leave a comment here on the blog or you can reach me directly,
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