HP says goodbye to WebOS and sells it to LG


In April 2010, HP bought a dying Palm for over a billion dollars; that sparked plenty of interest as it could have provided a new future for the capable WebOS. Sadly, under their old management, they failed to restore life into the dying company and 16 months later, in August of 2011, HP officially called quits and abandoned WebOS.

Under the new leadership of CEO Meg Whitman, HP seems to trying to right its wrongs and that’s pretty positive. One of the things they’re doing to accomplish that comes in this week’s headline: HP is selling WebOS to Korean electronics giant, LG.

The agreement includes WebOS source code, documentation, employees working on the platform, websites and patents that HP got from the Palm purchase. The financial terms between HP and LG were undisclosed but it’s very likely far less than what HP had paid for Palm.

The good news for WebOS die-hards is that the operating system has now been given a new lease in life. The not-so-great news is that LG plans to use WebOS on their smart televisions with no plans to use it on smartphones (since they are already devoted to Android for that; and one of LG’s phones was recently used as the ‘base’ for Google’s latest phone, the Nexus 4).

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  1. Jim March 13, 2013 Reply

    No Way!

  2. Philipp Muller March 14, 2013 Reply

    You have a great blog!

  3. Claudia July 13, 2014 Reply

    The only thing that I’m worried about in swihnticg to the Pre (from a generic J2ME capable, non-smartphone) is that I’ll be losing out on my gmail features. My generic flip phone, with the gmail app, supports threaded emails, labeling, gmail search, stars and archiving. Apparently the Pre’s email client doesn’t support any of these things I’ve gotten so used to using on my phone and on gmail’s webpage. Is there any hope for an update to the Pre’s email app and for Gmail to release their own Pre email app?

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