HP EliteBook 8770w gets reviewed from Europe


The EliteBook 8770w is HP’s flagship mobile workstation notebook. The sleek business laptop packs a punch under the hood; the machine’s large 17 inch display also means a lot of surface area to house lots of components. The notebook is configurable with just about everything you can think of to construct one of the most powerful notebooks under 2 inches and 4 kg (9 lbs): quad-core Intel Ivy Bridge processors (maxes out at the Core i7 Extreme Edition), 4 DDR3 RAM slots, Nvidia workstation-class graphics up to the most powerful Quadro K5000M model and lots of connectivity ports.

European notebook review website, Notebook Check, has just posted their English review of the HP EliteBook 8770w (along with a German 8770w review available). The model that they tested has the Core i7-3610QM quad core processor (which runs at 2.3 GHz), Full HD 1920 x 1080 DreamColor panel and Nvidia Quadro K4000M (which packs a beefy 4 GB of dedicated video memory). They look extensively at the performance of the EliteBook 8770w, and conclude that it is indeed a very powerful notebook with excellent cooling capabilities that keep external surfaces under 45 degrees Celcius, even when exercised to its maximum potential. Of course, such power is not without disadvantages: the EliteBook 8770w is bulky (meaning this may not be something you’d want to lug around everywhere you go), it’s rather noisy and battery life under light load (web surfing) comes in at just over 2 hours. Notebook Check also makes an interesting note that the ports are positioned poorly on the notebook; just about all the ports on the sides are placed towards the front edge of the machine, which presents a challenge if you’d like to use them while having an external mouse beside the machine.

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