New Year, and a new look on HP Fansite!


HP Fansite wishes all readers a well and successful new year 2013. This year marks our 5th year online since starting in November 2008 and we’ve been through our ups and downs covering news and reviews about all things HP (and HP themselves have been through their own troughs and waves and several changes of CEOs in the past couple of years), but we’re still doing it.

I know 2012 wasn’t a particularly active year for HP Fansite, with my focus on finishing up and graduating in May this year, work, web design and a few side projects/hobbies like photography. So, here’s another big thanks to loyal readers who have stuck around through thick and thin!

A while ago, I hinted at the redesign of HP Fansite, since we’ve had the same look for 5 years now. There was a bit of delay, since I went back to the drawing board twice during the redesign process, but it’s finally here. What a better time to launch HP Fansite’s new design than on New Year’s day 2013! There are changes on the outside and under the hood of the website, so many things have changed and all for the better.

Some highlights of HP Fansite’s new design include:

  • More content focused layout. Gone are the days where you had to scroll through long pages of feed/blog style posts just to find and read our latest updates since your last visit. Everything is streamlined now and a lot easier on the eyes.
  • Widescreen, big screen and tiny displays. We’ve gone with a responsive design that emphasizes function first without forgetting form. That means the site is now better fitted to your display on any device you use (awesome… now you don’t need to pinch, zoom, pan and scroll as much when reading from your tablet or phone).
  • Galleries, more media and threaded comments. The three things that HP Fansite needed the most, are now on HP Fansite. We will be able to bring you more pictures, more videos and more everything about all things HP.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Work is still in progress to overhaul the sorting and categorization of our posts, improvements in navigation and several other cool changes that will make your visit to HP Fansite a more intuitive and interesting experience.

Looking forward to seeing you back here and HP Fansite coming back to its glorious days. Here’s to a wonderful 2013.

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