Intel Haswell processors delayed until end of May or early June


It’s barely the day after New Year’s for some countries like Australia and still January 1st for other places, but there’s already news surfacing about Intel’s next generation Haswell processors. And it’s not good news if you’re lusting after the latest processors (but good news if you’ve just bought or built a new computer) – the launch of Intel’s new 2013 processors are said to be delayed and will launch between the time frame of 27 May and 7 June 2013, according to a document found by Tech PowerUp. This is quite a bit later than the March to May launch timeframe of Intel’s processors in the past, and it’s now being speculated that Intel might not be showcasing its new motherboards at CES 2013 happening next week.

The processors you can look forward to when they do eventually launch include quad-core i5 and i7 processors for desktop in about a dozen flavors and variants, new LGA1150 motherboards and seven new mobile quad-core Core i7 processors with their respective new chipsets.

On a sidenote, the delay launch does give devices with rather late launch dates, such as the HP EliteBook Revolve 810 tablet due in March 2013, some breathing room to remain ‘current’.

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