Intel confirms ultra-low power Haswell processors; mandates touchscreens and wireless display


It’s been a busy first day at CES 2013 and Intel certainly has had a large presence at the show, along with some things to say about their upcoming 2013 Haswell processor line. First off, Intel has confirmed that they are re-adding a branch of ultra-low voltage processors to their Haswell line which run at 10W. Haswell will be the first time in about 4 years that Intel has had a line of 10W processors; with ultra-low voltage processors last seen back in the day when Intel was still selling processors under the Core 2 Duo branding. This will allow for even thinner devices that sip even less power than current Ultrabooks in the market.

Speaking of Ultrabooks (a term coined by Intel, in case you needed a history refresher), Intel also created a new stipulation today that all slim notebooks that use their 2013 Haswell processors must have touchscreens and built-in Wireless Display capability in order to be classified as an ‘Ultrabook’. That sounds perfectly fine by me, because I think that’s good to prevent stagnation of the thin notebook market and encourages manufacturers to add new features (Touchscreens and Wireless Display in this case) instead of going the boring route of a ‘slim gets slimmer’ contest.

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  1. SagarM March 16, 2013 Reply

    This would go great with the new cooling system I,e, Laminar Jet technology (Used in Jet Engines) Intel unveiled in 2008.

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