Intel to release 10 watt Ivy Bridge processors in 2013

While Intel’s Ivy Bridge CPUs have been out since earlier this year, they’ve already got plans to release a variant of processors that will have power consumption reduced down to a mere 10 watts, according to a new mini roadmap that made its way onto the Internet this week. Current low-voltage chips in ultrabooks and tablet hybrids consume 17 watts minimum so Intel is definitely looking into bringing in something even more efficient in 2013 (probably at a slight performance cut in super-thin ultrabooks and tablets, but you can’t have everything, right?).

Meanwhile, the mentioned 17w low-voltage chips will be succeeded directly by unnamed 4th generation Intel processors that will be available in the 2nd half of 2013. If history is indicative of anything, we should expect announcements of Intel’s newer, more efficient 22nm Haswell architecture for CPUs in CES 2013 or at least early 2013 followed by availability for purchase for desktops and inside notebooks, ultrabooks and tablets towards May or June 2013.

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