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I’ve noticed it too – HP Fansite has seemed a bit bare over the past year! And for good reason – I’ve been focusing on school (going to graduate soon!), work, web design and other side projects. And of course, the biggest reason, HP themselves being rather uninspiring – lack of sending me review units (or even news releases even; how strange!) and decent products but without much ‘wow’ factor (which may or may not be related to HP’s various management controversies that have been going on over the past few years, all that CEO switching and such).

But this month is our 4th anniversary and what a better time for a comeback. Thanks to some helpful people, I have managed to get my hands on and test extensively HP’s EliteBook 2570p, 8460w, 8560w and 8760w models in the past few months (reviews coming soon; I plan to have review articles on all of them before the New Year!). The industry is also about to get even more competitive with ultrabooks and new tablets (and tablet hybrid notebooks) taking over the market, so hopefully HP does something innovative or market-leading in 2013!

As I mentioned above, I’ve been working on side projects and one of them is Games Per Second (GPS), a brand new gaming site to take on the world. The site is not complete yet, I would say it is out of beta but not in its final form yet – treat it more as an early ‘release candidate’ stage (so some pages aren’t as pretty or consistent with the main page of the site). There’s good news for readers here, because HP Fansite will be receiving a complete design overhaul that will share the base from Games Per Second (I previously talked about a redesign to HP Fansite but I threw that one away and started over in favor of a far more modern design as you can see on GPS).

Games Per Second was conceived with a group of buddies who are just as interested as I am in the gaming industry. What sets it apart from the others is that we aim to cover news and review games as objectively as possible – there are too many other sites out there which give too little of the right information (ie things people want to read, not what the editor wants to write) about games, simply give all games ridiculously inflated 9 or 10 ratings (which defeat the purpose of a review) or have so-called writers/editors who have actually no idea what they are talking about (recently stumbled across a gaming website which criticized the latest Counter-Strike: GO for all the wrong reasons… it was reviewed on a console, any real knowledgeable person in the industry would know Counter-Strike has always been conceived for the PC market!). So check it out and hopefully you’ll stay around until we go live and go big. Also check out my review (with feedback and review opinions from the GPS Team) of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, our first game review on the site and the first of many more to come!

Look forward to our comeback, new redesign and more!

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