Microsoft Surface Pro tablet confirmed to ship in January 2013 starting at $899

…and we’re back. Microsoft executive Panos Panay announced this week at their much-anticipated Surface Pro tablet will launch in January 2013. The Core i5 (Ivy Bridge) powered 10.6 inch tablet that is the Surface Pro will sport 4 GB of RAM, a nice Full HD touchscreen display, dual 720p HD cameras (front and back) and Intel Integrated Graphics 4000.

The tablet will come in two flavors: a 64 GB version which will go for $899 and a more capacious 128 GB variant that will be sold for $999. That’s not too shabby considering the Microsoft Surface Pro basically a whole ultrabook that can compete with the likes of Samsung’s Series 9 and Apple’s 13 inch MacBook Air… albeit in tablet form.

There’s been rumors that the Microsoft Surface RT, which runs a cut-down version of Windows and has been selling for near a month now, hasn’t been a hot seller. So the news of the Surface Pro couldn’t have come at a better time for the many who want to run the full version of Windows 8 (which the Surface Pro has).

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  1. mike December 2, 2012 Reply

    hey do you know if the surface pro has a Wacom digitizer and if dosnt what type is sensitivity does it have 256 levels or 1024 etc.

    • Brad S | December 10, 2012 Reply

      Hey Mike, thanks for your comment. I’m not sure yet about the specifications of the Surface Pro’s touchscreen but will try to do some searching around to find info about it. I think what Microsoft really needs to make the Surface Pro a success is to publish interesting things in the meantime to keep folks enthused about the tablet while awaiting its release onto store shelves next month.

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