HP.com updates front page with a splash of Metro

HP.com website front page

HP.com’s front page has been skipping back and forth this week between their black ‘gloss’ design and this new somewhat Metro-inspired look seen above. Seems like HP might be doing some further spring cleaning of their website design ahead of summer and the rumored October launch of Windows 8 by Microsoft. We’ve been keeping up with HP’s gradual redesign and reshaping of their site, which has been happening more frequently in the past 2 years, and this new white, blue and black design with large and clear fonts is certainly the cleanest and most likeable so far. It seems like this design is only appearing on the front page only, of HP’s websites of selected regions, at random… so it’s only a matter of time that we might see it rolled out as a permanent design for HP’s websites for all countries. And hopefully we’ll see this new clean design pushed deeper down beyond just the front page… that is, we’d like to see it trickled into specifications pages and showcase pages of HP’s products, since the current page design for showcasing features and specs is looking rather 2007 and cluttered.

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