HP Z220 Workstation series and HP t410 Zero Client announced

HP t410 All-in-One Zero Client

Naturally, as HP updated just about every single laptop in their consumer and business lines this week, some business desktops also got updated. For really large businesses, HP has got the new Z220 entry-level workstation series announced, which succeed last year’s Z210 models with fresh choices of processors and graphics options. Still no word on any successors to the bigger Z400, Z600 or Z800 workstations though; one would guess HP would have brought out at least a new flagship Z810 workstation by now, but apparently not. Anyway, the Z220 will be available in two flavors just like the old Z210… there’s the Z220 CMT (convertible mini tower) and smaller Z220 SFF (small form factor).

HP also has got a fairly groundbreaking HP t410 All-in-One Zero Client, which businesses which need to deploy a lot of computers to a lot of staff and need them linked to central servers will absolutely love. The HP t410 Zero Client is composed of a 18.5 inch LED backlit display (with a rather low resolution of 1366 x 768) and it needs just one Ethernet cable for both power supply (the screen consumes just 13W) and a data link to central servers. While the server will do most of the background work and data crunching, the HP t410 Zero Client acts as a front interface for employees to do work on.

Under the hood of the HP t410 Zero Client is a 1 GHz Texas Instruments Cortex A8 processor and DSP, something like what you would find on modern smartphones. There are 4 USB ports and a dedicated power port in case the Ethernet connection isn’t able to provide sufficient power to the system (which can happen if all 4 USB ports are used and drawing extra power).

The HP t410 Zero Client will be available this summer for $429 each.

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