HP updates 2012 Pavilion dv4, dv6 and dv7 and launches new Pavilion m6

2012 HP Pavilion dv4, Pavilion dv6 and Pavilion dv7

In addition to their premium HP Envy ultra-thin laptops announced earlier this week, HP also came up with 3 updated Pavilion dv series: the Pavilion dv4, Pavilion dv6 and Pavilion dv7. These three new Pavilion notebooks will be available starting June 20 with the latest processors from Intel and graphics cards from Nvidia.

  • Upcoming 2012 Ivy Bridge low voltage Intel Core processors
  • Slots for DDR3 1600 MHz RAM
  • 2.5 inch standard storage drive bay (the Pavilion dv7 has two)
  • 14 inch (Pavilion dv4), 15.6 inch (Pavilion dv6) and 17.3 inch (Pavilion dv7) displays respectively
  • Intel Integrated Graphics 4000 or dedicated Nvidia GeForce 600M series graphics cards
  • Beats Audio branding for speakers
  • HP Cool Sense technology (Pavilion dv6 and dv7 only) for improved heat management
  • Available on June 20

The Pavilion dv4 and Pavilion dv6 will both begin at $549 while the Pavilion dv7 base model will start at $799.

2012 HP Pavilion m6

HP also introduced a brand new model, the Pavilion m6 which is a 15 inch notebook that sits between being a laptop and Ultrabook. The Pavilion m6 will give you a full-sized keyboard with number pad, a choice between Intel and AMD processors with the ability to add a dedicated graphics card just like on a ‘full sized’ laptop yet it’s slim and stylish like an Ultrabook. Beats audio speaker branding and a dedicated subwoofer come standard with the Pavilion m6 while keyboard backlighting is available as an optional extra. Price and availability is to be announced, though HP does give a vague mention of ‘summer availability’ (which puts launch date sometime between July and August).

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