HP outs new Compaq Pro and Elite desktop computers

HP Compaq Pro 4300, Compaq Pro 6300 and Compaq Elite 8300 business desktop computers

To complement the new printers and monitors they’ve brought to the market for this summer, HP has also announced 3 business class desktop computers bearing the Compaq brand name. These models are aimed at small to large businesses and carry affordable price tags. The HP Compaq Pro 4300, Compaq Pro 6300 and Compaq Elite 8300 will sport the latest 2012 Intel Ivy Bridge processors along with 2012 Intel Integrated graphics, configurable to RAM and disk space needs of businesses and sport business security features and power tools like TPM security, BIOS solutions and for the upper two models (Pro 6300 and Elite 8300), a 15 month life cycle program so you can always have the latest stuff.

The small Compaq Pro 4300 will be available at a date to-be-specified, but likely after July this year, at a price which is yet to be announced. The two larger models, the Compaq Pro 6300 and Compaq Elite 8300 will be available beginning June 4 starting at $579 and $679 respectively.

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