HP Fansite is back: A personal update

HP Fansite is back

Hey everyone! Just a quick update here… summarized version: HP Fansite is back in full swing, expect us.

Long director’s cut version: Apologies for the scarce updates to the site for the first half of this year/near the end of last year. I’ve been busy with school work (busy 2 semesters lately, today’s the last day of school, 1 more year till graduation… my future 2 semesters will be less busy, means more time for HP Fansite =), work work (got a side job as an event photographer), other web design work (due to new site features, work on the design of HP Fansite’s planned sister-site for video game reviews/gaming hardware has started over) and general drop in morale (due to HP’s lack of direct updates to us and not sending us anything for review; perhaps this is due to rocky management?).

…which reminds me before we continue: If anyone from HP is reading this, sending us some more products for review would be much appreciated!

Besides life’s busy-ness, I’ve got a few more personal updates:

  • I’ve been trying to figure ways to pay bills (education is expensive, so is cost of living!)
  • I got internet tethering on my phone so I can update HP Fansite more frequently (even during my friend’s wedding I will be attending next month!)
  • I’m building a desktop PC, it will be my first ever non-HP machine in more than a decade (I can’t sustain always upgrading laptops so building my own machine is cheaper). I still use an old HP EliteBook when I’m not at home though – it’s still rock solid and very reliable!
  • I’m moving, again – it’s only the second time I’m moving in my life but I’m already not enthusiastic about it.
  • Thanks to the several loyal readers who have been keeping in touch with me via email/Twitter. Again I apologize for the inactivity earlier this year and I hope you all stick around because HP Fansite is going to be active from now on!

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading HP Fansite, look out for new posts and articles soon!

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