HP Envy 15 Review, No Word Yet on Ivy Bridge Version

The early 2012 (or late 2011, depending on how you look at it) HP Envy 15 continues to be a popular laptop at HP, given it is one of the few HP laptops available with the IPS Panel, BrightView Radiance display upgrade option. You can check out this quick video review produced by Dealzon on the new Envy 15:

While it wasn’t specifically made as a gaming laptop, the well-spec’ed Envy 15 comes with option of Quad Core i7 (Sandy Bridge version) along with the mid-range Radeon 7690M, giving it plenty of power to play latest gaming titles.

There’s no word yet from HP for updates to the newer Ivy Bridge chips on the Envy 15 & 17, but we expect HP to eventually update the line-up as they pair the proper GPU with the machine (likely option of nVidia GT 650M, similar to their dv6t Quad and dv7t Quad laptops).

On the audio side, HP managed to really surprise reviewers by pairing the laptop with very good speakers, with review from The Verge stating “Beats audio isn’t just branding on the Envy 15.” This isn’t too surprising considering the laptop comes with SIX front speakers along with a mini subwoofer, tucked neatly away in near the battery bay.

You’ll find that the volume control knob on the side of the laptop to be extremely useful, making it easy to adjust volume on the fly, versus the usual pressing of “Function + Up/Down arrow” combo found in many laptops.

All in all this is a pretty good laptop and gives some nice added boost to the preimum Envy line-up, considering HP did away with the BrightView Radiance option from the Envy 14, most people are happy that HP has decided to bring the Envy 15 back along with the higher resolution 1920 x 1080 display.

If HP decides to upgrade the Envy 15 (and its bigger brother Envy 17) to the new Ivy Bridge Core i7-3610M option, it’ll be very likely much more competitive to the newer laptops on the market, especially when you consider the fact that there still aren’t too many Ivy Bridge machines out there. Prices will probably be about $100 more than the current price, but the added performance should be a welcome addition for many users.

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