HP drops hints of Envy Spectre inspired Envy all-in-one printer

HP Envy 100 printer from 2010 is about to be refreshed for 2012/2013

We’re not too sure if the HP Envy 100 made a big splash when it was released in 2010 but apparently it did sufficiently well that HP is considering a second model to add to their HP Envy printer line. There are no pictures or official specifications yet but at the Global Influencer Summit Shanghai conference, HP is dropping hints of a new Envy printer with high build quality and a stylish design with clean lines. This new and upcoming Envy printer will feature metal hinges and scan bar, a low-profile hidden paper tray and glass control panel – sounds very Envy 14 Spectre inspired to us. The next-generation Envy printer is reportedly able to print from anywhere from many devices (is that a hint of wireless printing there?), sports a simple and intuitive user interface and have quiet operation (which is nice, since I can hear the sound of regular printers when it turns on/prints/scans from a mile away).

HP has also unveiled a design direction for their premium products, which apparently started with the Envy 14 Spectre: natural materials with glass and metal, harmonious design with simplicity and usability in mind and reliability.

No word on when this new Envy printer will be announced or what its price will be. And with the mentioning of the design direction for their premium products in general, one can pretty sure the Envy 14 Spectre isn’t going to be HP’s only glass product for long…

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