2012 HP ProBook line released

2012 HP ProBook s and ProBook b series

HP basically updated their entire laptop range, from their consumer range to business class laptops and from their Pavilion models to their EliteBook notebooks. The HP ProBook line isn’t excused from this mass updating. HP has updated their simple business ProBook s-series and middle-range business ProBook b-series.

The simpler ProBook s series have been redesigned with cues from the ProBook b series and EliteBook models, and now wear HP’s standard business notebook uniform, complete with aluminum construction. They now have chiclet style keyboards (the ProBook 4340s and 4440s have full-sized keyboards with dedicated Home/End/Page Up/Down keys while the ProBook 4540s and 4740s tack on numeric pads) which are also resistant to spills. The 4 new ProBook s series will be available on June 4 starting at $580 with a choice of Intel and AMD processors. Here are the model names and screen sizes if you wanna pick up a 2012 HP ProBook s series business laptop:

  • 13 inch HP ProBook 4340s
  • 14 inch HP ProBook 4440s
  • 15 inch HP ProBook 4540s
  • 17 inch HP ProBook 4740s

HP also updated their ProBook b series laptops which are a notch up from the ProBook s series. These notebooks feature a lighter gray casing to distinguish themselves from their cheaper breathen, though they don’t quite look like the EliteBook line just yet. The HP ProBook 6470b and 6570b sport the latest 2012 Intel Ivy Bridge processors, Intel vPro management and SIM card support for 3G and 4G connectivity; the ProBook 6470b has a 14 inch screen while the ProBook 6570b has a 15.6 inch screen. Prices start at $770 with the same June 4 availability as the ProBook s series.

HP has also launched an AMD processor variant of the 14 inch ProBook 6470b, called the ProBook 6475b which will have a lower starting price tag of $670. No word about AMD processor choices for the 15 incher yet but we’re expecting the AMD variant of that to be aptly named the ProBook 6575b if it is released.

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  1. Fred May 12, 2012 Reply

    The new HP Probook have very good design and the old also.

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