Breaking: HP to unveil new workstation models on Valentine’s Day

HP 2012 Z-workstation teaser

Brace yourselves everyone, HP has just put up a bunch of teasers on their website counting down till Valentine’s Day. Why? Because they’re coming out with new “Think Outside the Box” workstations, that’s why. So far, the 3 videos they’ve put up offer just about no detail on what to expect (the screencap above is what is shown at most), but there are going to be high-end workstations for sure.

What are we, the HP experts, guessing? Well, probably a complete overhaul of HP’s current Z400, Z600 and Z800 workstations, which have been around for years now. There may or may not be casing/design successors to the Z2xx series, seeing HP just announced brand new Z210 CMT and Z210 SFF entry-level workstations about 10 months ago. Expect tool-less designs and easy component upgradeability like the existing modes, Intel quad and hexa core top of the line processors, lots of high-end Nvidia Quadro workstation-class graphics options mixed in with AMD FirePro cards and liquid cooling options.

HP's Think Outside the Box series workstations are coming on Valentine's Day

The front of the teased workstation unit above reminds us a lot of the Voodoo Omen gaming PC, which HP launched shortly after acquiring Voodoo PC, the boutique gaming computer maker (which unfortunately got absorbed and ‘killed’ by HP), and there looks to be some gloss and shine, which makes us suspect the new Z-series workstations will have panels made of glass (oh my), carbon fiber or some sort of composite sturdy material that looks pretty under good lighting. There’s also likely to be a status LCD on the front of the machine along with airvents on the bottom front of the machine(s).

On to the exciting bit of things, there’s no sign of any EliteBooks so far, so we are wondering if any will be announced on February 14 along with HP’s new workstations. We are going to guess ‘yes’ because this is a workstation event and HP first brought out their EliteBook branding for laptops almost at the same time they launched the Z-series workstations. There’s a small chance this might not happen because HP might not want the notebooks stealing the spotlight from their big, mean machines… that and HP has had the tendency to bring out their p-series “professional” (but non-workstation class) EliteBook models before coming out with the w-series EliteBooks.

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  1. Ytterbium February 12, 2012 Reply

    I assume these will be the LGA2011, computers.

    Let hope they keep the water cooling a great case designs from the Z600 & Z800

    There was certinally some Voodoo DNA in the older Z’s

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