Custom modified EliteBook spotted with eye-tracking sensor

Custom EliteBook used by Tobii Tech

Well hello everyone, hope you had a good holiday season and happy new year 2012. CES is coming and we’ll be sure to get busy around here. I spotted something very interesting two days ago when Tobii Technology showed off a video with their new hardware for mouse-free interaction with Windows 8. This was made possible via eye-tracking, whose hardware was incorporated into a modified HP EliteBook (specifically the 14 inch EliteBook 8440p).

Custom EliteBook with eye tracking hardware

It’s an interesting concept, though practicality of everyday usage is questionable (I can certainly see this being used on public interactive displays/advertising panels, but not at home), and you can check out the full two and a half minute long video below… be warned though, I’m pretty sure chopping your EliteBook in half and piecing it back together with your Xbox Kinect cameras or future Tobii hardware will be certain to void your HP warranty!

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