Spotted: HP EliteBooks and business monitors at BMW AppCenter China

HP EliteBook spotted with BMW (Picture by BMW Blog)

Well, we’re decidedly alive and kicking once again, with HP seemingly upbeat about their computer division (PSG) by being the sponsor/partner of several popular TV shows that kicked their new seasons off earlier this month/late September. In particular, I’ve spotted quite a number of HP products (including the now-dead HP TouchPad) being used by various characters in several CWTV shows (anyone care to take a guess?) but more on that later. As long as HP shows signs that they won’t be doing bizarre things to their PSG division and make HP computers… well, not HP computers anymore, we’ll continue bringing to you the latest about HP stuff. We can hope for the best with their recently appointed new CEO right?!

But back to the topic at hand… I’m personally an avid reader of the BMW Blog (though I wish I can one day actually afford a BMW!) and one of their latest articles today talks about BMW setting up a new AppCenter in China. And what do you know, evidence that BMW and HP are still good pals (hardcore HP fans will remember BMW had a hand in the design of HP’s Z-series Workstations and HP has been a close companion in supplying servers and tech in the past). We can see an admittedly not-so-new 2009 HP EliteBook 6930p in the foreground, a HP monitor (either ZR22W or ZR24W) in the middle, and another EliteBook with its lid closed towards the background.

And speaking of EliteBooks and HP laptops, will we see HP come up with new models of laptops and desktops soon? Like before the holiday season/year end for the consumer line? And/or after CES and the new year in 2012?!

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