HP kicks Leo out; appoints Meg Whitman as new CEO

Well, maybe all is not lost after all… HP has just appointed eBay’s ex-CEO, Meg Whitman, as their new CEO; removing Leo Apotheker from the driver’s seat. Maybe HP will now rethink that move to split off their PC making division and we might still see new Pavilions and EliteBooks in 2012 and beyond. While that’s nice and really makes my day at least, I still don’t think she (HP’s new CEO) will bring back WebOS from the dead… or she might, seeing HP has been essentially like a long limousine trying to do tight corners and drifts; a huge company which has been changing its mind a lot, too frequently and drastically. Without Leo, perhaps things will change for the better. We can only hope.

And now, we’ll be back to grinding away and bringing you HP news on a frequent basis again, though the rumor mills have been relatively dry and slow after last month’s corporate announcements by HP.

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  1. XaserIII September 23, 2011 Reply

    Bingo!!!! for the pass few week after HP eX CEO Anounce the bad news that there are going to spin off PC Division (PSG). The worlds is shocking!!!The sales has drop not only PSG but IPG is link too.. Well known PC Maker and Printer is going crazy decision. Welcome Meg Whitman. We pray and hope to see the Magic you will do in HP…

  2. Toby September 23, 2011 Reply

    She already said there on the right path, spin out and no webOS. Just the execution was poor?

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