Spotted: Next-gen 2011 HP TouchSmart all-in-one desktop

Upcoming 2011 HP TouchSmart (Photo by

Well, it’s no TouchSmart tm2 or tm3 convertible tablet, but tech blog Engadget has gotten a picture (a rather pixelated one at that) of HP’s next TouchSmart all-in-one desktop. It appears that the TouchSmart all-in-one design will be finally get an evolution to something with more metal accents (note the stand at the bottom) as well as sleeker in profile. We haven’t gotten any specific details about HP’s next-generation TouchSmart features and while they’re not exactly Apple iMac competitors (in price and specifications), if history is any indicator, we’re guessing they’ll sport Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors, a mid-range mobile Nvidia or AMD graphics card, Beats Audio (which seems to be becoming a ‘standard feature’ in HP notebooks nowadays) and judging from the Windows 7 taskbar icons in the Engadget picture, a full HD 1920 x 1080 touchscreen display (of currently unknown size). And also a price tag that’s probably way more affordable than the Apple iMac. Of course, HP could probably surprise us all with something completely different…

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