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There may be plenty of tossing and turning on HP’s part today which may change the computer industry (it already changed the smartphone/mobile field with the loss of one beloved mobile OS today. WebOS rest in peace, you will be missed). In today’s ever changing landscape, one thing frequently leads or affects another, and people are forced to adapt or risk extinction.

It is sad to face the possibility that our love and intense coverage of HP computers and smartphones may not make it past HP Fansite’s third birthday/anniversary, should HP decide to sell off their PC division. But I’m here to assure you that…

HP Fansite will continue to be around and be as relevant as ever to you!

HP Fansite has been the net’s top unofficial place for Hewlett Packard users to congregate and many relationships, ties and bonds between users, staff and such have been formed through discussions and sharing of information here. It would be a shame to see our loyal readers go their separate ways and cause that all go to waste. Which is why we’re not going to let that happen!

IF HP decides to go ahead and sell away their PC business, HP Fansite will turn to cover tech hardware, smartphone and computing news in general (meaning we’ll be doing the same thing as we’re doing now, without limiting the scope to Hewlett Packard as we’re doing now). And what will set us apart from the one billion other tech sites out there will be:

  • We’re dedicated and passionate about what we do. We’re not robotic writers and there’s no “tech editor” forced to write news for ten bucks an hour for a desk job here! We cover tech because we enjoy doing it! That means articles with a personal touch, no regurgitation of specifications sheet, no blabbering about 100 technical terms without caring whether you understand them or not.
  • We’re readers too! We know exactly what you want, and that is to not be bombarded with several dozen news articles a day, of which probably 80% you may not find useful or relevant. We know you don’t want to waste your time reading about another article about some crazy robot or gimmicky gadget, when you want to look for information on what smartphone app you should get next, what laptop to buy for school, for gaming, for work; what software works the best for photo, video editing… you get the gist.

We did a soft-launch in May on our gaming website, Games Per Second, which we had originally planned as a “spin off site” on gaming… but if HP Fansite turns out to cover tech hardware, then Games Per Second could be the perfect complement to this site! Games Per Second is ‘officially’ launching on September 1, where articles and reviews will go full-steam ahead, so mark your calendars and remember to check it out!

We’re hoping HP will continue to make PCs, but that’s our contingency plan if anything weird happens. We want you readers to know we’re not going to just flip over and die just like that (we’re not going to become the “Hush Puppies Fansite” either, though)

On a personal note, I’m planning to build a desktop of my own using an HP Z-series workstation chassis (either using a HP Z600 or Z800 ’empty’ base chassis… I need to work out a budget), configured with my own parts and components. I’m excited, and it likely has to happen since the HP EliteBook 8740w I’m using at the moment has recently developed overheating issues (And besides, I don’t really “own” it), because when it happens, it will be my first time using a desktop as a primary computer in many, many years! Not to mention the beautiful graphics and detail intensity it will bring to games with that amount of power. I’ll keep you guys posted for sure!

Got thoughts, suggestions or comments on the future of HP Fansite? Leave a message in the comments section or send me an email at the following address:

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