Spotted: HP shows off style in simplicity in 2011 EliteBook brochure

Screenshot of a page from HP's latest EliteBook brochure

Looks like HP is even incorporating their ‘simple but professional’ attire from their notebooks into their brochures too. At least that’s what the design/layout of this new PDF file showing off the features of HP’s EliteBook business laptops tells us. While the brochure doesn’t tell HP-obsessed folks like me any new things we don’t already know, it certainly presents some interesting facts and eye-opening features which might convince some enterprise, casual and student users to get an EliteBook over something else, like a MacBook *smirk*…

And while you can’t compare the PDF’s design to artworks of Leornardo da Vinci (mmm, four more months till Assassin’s Creed 3/Revelations comes out…), the design of the brochure is certainly unlike previous ones from HP, there’s just something elegant and matching about the layout and text elements (reminds me of Microsoft and their Zune/Windows Phone 7 user interface and Zegoe UI font). HP has also subtly included dark gray and orange colored fonts in the brochure, which quietly matches to the same colors used on their EliteBook laptops.

And just a quick update about something else, the review of the HP Mini Wireless Keyboard we were planning to post last weekend has been pushed forward to tomorrow because of the long Canada Day/July 4th weekend… we know a number of readers from the US and Canada might potentially be too busy partying and taking pictures of fireworks to be reading our review 😉 . So stay tuned for our review soon!

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