Rumor: HP to make Ultrabooks before September

Digitimes, a reliable Asian news source for upcoming products based on outsourcing of companies to Chinese manufacturers, has reported today that HP is planning “two or more” Ultrabooks (Intel’s fancy speak for super-thin notebooks; think the Apple MacBook Air), with these new low-voltage Sandy Bridge processors announced two weeks ago, for a launch ahead of Asus’ 11.6 and 13 inch UX21 Ultrabooks debut in September.

That’s a pretty hasty move right there, and frankly quite unexpected. In that case, folks, you might want to be on the lookout, from now till September, for a Pavilion dv1 or new Pavilion dm3 from HP, that will be under an inch thick. And perhaps you might also want to keep your eyes peeled for an updated Touchsmart tm2 convertible tablet too. Or maybe HP might call them something completely different… Envy 11 and 2011 Envy 13, perhaps?! Big news indeed!

If anything, we might just see these new Ultrabooks (I can see lots of people hoping for an Envy 13 revival already) announced alongside that mythical 7 inch TouchPad webOS tablet, hopefully!

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