Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard put on sale for just one day!

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard on sale!

Now, you have to forgive me and my recent slight obsession with keyboards: I’ve been on the hunt for a good keyboard that rivals the experience of my EliteBook’s built-in keyboard for use at home with the HP ZR24w monitor. I somehow love the EliteBook 2530p’s keyboard so much that I’ve been using it with the monitor… but I would prefer to have a standalone keyboard if I could.

I was looking through my inbox this morning and saw that Amazon has put the Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard on sale at 47 bucks for just today! There are no taxes (which always delights me), shipping is free and well, I’m thinking of picking this one up and see how things go (though I would honestly rejoice if they made a “no numberpad” version of the keyboard… but there are just so few keyboards sans numberpads out there which are full-size). Thought I’d put this up for anyone else looking for a wireless keyboard for their tables, it is after all a one-day only affair and a whole $10 cheaper than the next lowest price! Go check it out now before the offer disappears at the end of today!

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