When your laptop’s keyboard is too awesome to let go…

HP EliteBook keyboard with HP ZR24w

There’s something about the EliteBook 2530p’s keyboard which makes it an absolutely lovely dream to type on. I’m a fan of ‘keyboard sans number pad’ designs for distraction and clutter-free typing (that’s just me) and somehow the laptop’s built-in keyboard caters to that so well. The keyboard is also nice and firm (unlike other external, dedicated keyboards which rattle as I type at blazing speeds or other laptop keyboards which feel ‘squishy’ and ruins the whole typing experience for me… the EliteBook 8740w’s keyboard is somewhat guilty of doing that).

So along with my recently acquired used HP ZR24w display, I have decided I would fold my EliteBook’s screen back like the good old days with a consumer Dell display I had (which I recently sold) and use this lovely ‘keyboard’ with the big screen like you see in the picture above. That’s how I roll! I definitely wished all laptops had the same build-quality and typing experience as this one, because that’s the one of the reasons I’m holding back from getting a newer ultra-portable notebook (with build quality of the laptop, 16:10 display of the 2530p and lack of dough to finance a new business ultra-portable being the other three reasons)

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