HP EliteBook 8560w Mobile Workstation user review at pc.sk

HP EliteBook 8560w Mobile Workstation

Since the folks at HP’s public relations representative firm cite a limited of review units for laptops (Hmm… and not enough to get even one to us apparently), there’s not much of a choice but to let you readers somehow know how those latest Pavilions and EliteBooks perform… by linking to user reviews. I choose to handpick user reviews because they provide a lot more concise and in-depth (as well as honest and knowledgeable) look at things than the usual “editor at the desk writing a laptop review for a big publication because it’s his desk job”.

In this case, one of our readers, Tomas Hlatky has managed to get his hands on an HP EliteBook 8560w Mobile Workstation with dual core Intel Core i5 processor and AMD FirePro M5950 workstation-class graphics from the kind folks of HP Europe. He’s posted his extremely in-depth review on hardware website PC.sk (they’re something like the DPReview of computer hardware in Slovakia), which spans a total of 14 pages and contains a ton of pictures and extensive testing! And if you aren’t keeping up in those Slovak language classes, at least Google does a very nice translated version so you can appreciate his well written review.

I’m not a fan of spoilers, so I’ll just mention a one line summary of how things turned out: the HP EliteBook 8560w looks to be a good all-rounder but is not without fault and has quite a bit of bulk and ‘bling’ factor for a business notebook. I encourage to check out Tomas’ review (or the aforementioned Google translated version) to read all about it.

Note: You might also want to note the lack of a CFast slot on the production model, though it is interesting that space has been made internally for one.

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  1. Timmy November 25, 2011 Reply

    I want to by this notebook before relase so bad. Its just beauty, but battery life destroy everything, poor 2,5 hour on the wifi, minimum is 4 for me. Why HP make this crazy step, why no optimus in the quadro version i still dont get it it can be great workstation, i mean MOBILE workstation, now i have to think about 8560p with AMD 6470m for cad applications or… Choose another brand…

  2. Should have bought Lenovo December 13, 2011 Reply

    lets hope the 2012 models are better than the 2011 pieces of crap. Just about to have my second motherboard replaced within 1 year.

    About to begin the argument with HP about replacing the “Elite”book..

    Absolute waste of cash.

  3. Should also have bought something else February 15, 2012 Reply

    I’m extremely disappointed with HP on this one. My mainboard has died twice within weeks of receiving machine+replacement machine. As far as I can judge from online discussions, this must have been a known fault for HP by the time they approved the first replacement machine.

  4. Mark May 5, 2012 Reply

    I just received my 8560w recently and I am very satisfied with this workstation. Its not perfect however. The USB ports are all too close to the user. It is a bit bulky and heavy compared to the older generations. The old pop-out light was actually useful and it would of been awesome if it was 2 or more little lights above so you can look at any papers you have. HP caved in and went with the consumer minded backlit keyboard though. And I wish they implemented Optimus for the Nvidia units.

    I’m being nitpicky but apart from those things, this is still a great unit. As well built as the older Elitebooks and tons of power. I a huge fan of the 15″ business HP notebooks. I’ve been a former owner of the NC8430, 8510p, and 8530w and a software developer which means I type quite a bit. This new laptop doesn’t disappoint. Looking forward to a few great years with it.

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