Breaking: HP drops TouchPad prices by $50 till September 10th

HP TouchPad price dropped by $50

Dreaming about that HP TouchPad after being convinced that things will be better in the near future? Well good news! HP has JUST announced a $50 price drop for both 16 GB and 32 GB WiFi TouchPad models, which brings them down to $449 and $549 respectively… the offer is effective from now till September 10th. Still no word on any official pricing on the ‘connected’ AT&T 4G TouchPad though (though we’ve guessed it might come in at $699 to $729). We’re already seeing one retailer online showing the reflection of this price cut: Amazon has the 16 GB TouchPad listed at $449 as well as the 32 GB TouchPad listed at a “even lower than HP” price of $547 (less than 2 bucks cheaper though!).

We’re guessing that HP wants to court new buyers into their WebOS system with the TouchPad and what a better time to do it than during this summer/back to school period.

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